AnnotationDbi v1.28.2

Annotation Database Interface

Provides user interface and database connection code for annotation data packages using SQLite data storage.

Functions in AnnotationDbi

Name Description
BimapFormatting Formatting a Bimap as a list or character vector
ACCNUM Descriptions of available values for columns and keytypes.
make_eg_to_go_map Create GO to Entrez Gene maps for chip-based packages
makeGOGraph A convenience function to generate graphs based on the GO.db package
Bimap-direction Methods for getting/setting the direction of a Bimap object, and undirected methods for getting/counting/setting its keys
Bimap-envirAPI Environment-like API for Bimap objects
inpIDMapper Convenience functions for mapping IDs through an appropriate set of annotation packages
KEGGFrame KEGGFrame objects
AnnDbPkg-checker Check the SQL data contained in an SQLite-based annotation package
createSimpleBimap Creates a simple Bimap from a SQLite database in an situation that is external to AnnotationDbi
AnnDbObj-objects AnnDbObj objects
AnnotationDbi-defunct Defunct Functions in package AnnotationDbi
unlist2 A replacement for unlist() that does not mangle the names
Bimap-keys Methods for manipulating the keys of a Bimap object
Bimap-toTable Methods for manipulating a Bimap object in a data-frame style
GOTerms-class Class "GOTerms"
HOMO_SAPIENS Descriptions of available values for columns and keytypes for inparanpoid packages.
Bimap Bimap objects and the Bimap interface
print.probetable Print method for probetable objects
toggleProbes Methods for getting/setting the filters on a Bimap object
toSQLStringSet Convert a vector to a quoted string for use as a SQL value list
GOID Descriptions of available values for columns and keytypes for GO.db.
AnnotationDb-objects AnnotationDb objects and their progeny, methods etc.
AnnotationDbi internals AnnotationDbi internals
GOFrame GOFrame and GOAllFrame objects
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Collate 00RTobjs.R unlist2.R AllGenerics.R AllClasses.R FlatBimap.R SQL.R AnnDbObj-lowAPI.R Bimap.R GOTerms.R BimapFormatting.R Bimap-envirAPI.R flatten.R methods-AnnotationDb.R methods-seqnames.R methods-geneCentricDbs.R methods-ReactomeDb.R methods-Inparanoid.R methods-Inparanoid8.R loadDb.R createAnnObjs-utils.R createAnnObjs.NCBIORG_DBs.R createAnnObjs.NCBICHIP_DBs.R createAnnObjs.ORGANISM_DB.R createAnnObjs.YEASTCHIP_DB.R createAnnObjs.COELICOLOR_DB.R createAnnObjs.ARABIDOPSISCHIP_DB.R createAnnObjs.MALARIA_DB.R createAnnObjs.YEAST_DB.R createAnnObjs.YEASTNCBI_DB.R createAnnObjs.ARABIDOPSIS_DB.R createAnnObjs.GO_DB.R createAnnObjs.KEGG_DB.R createAnnObjs.INPARANOID_DB.R createAnnObjs.PFAM_DB.R AnnDbPkg-templates-common.R AnnDbPkg-checker.R print.probetable.R makeMap.R inpIDMapper.R test_AnnotationDbi_package.R
License Artistic-2.0
biocViews Annotation, Microarray, Sequencing, GenomeAnnotation
VignetteBuilder knitr
Packaged 2014-05-16 20:58:15 UTC; mcarlson

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