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Bayesian Neural Network for High-Dimensional Nonlinear Variable Selection

Perform Bayesian variable selection for high-dimensional nonlinear systems and also can be used to test nonlinearity for a general regression problem. The computation can be accelerated using multiple CPUs. You can refer to Liang, F., Li, Q. and Zhou, L. (2017) at <> for detail. The publication "Bayesian Neural Networks for Selection of drug sensitive Genes" will be appear on Journals of American Statistical Association soon.

Functions in BNN

Name Description
BNNsel Bayesian Neural Network for Variable Selection
Topotecan Example dataset
BNN-package Bayesian Neural Networks for High-Dimensional Nonlinear Variable Selection
BNNprior Prior Probability of Bayesian Neural Networks
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Date 2018-01-08
License GPL-2
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Date/Publication 2018-01-13 16:18:47 UTC
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