DBIConnection class

This virtual class encapsulates the connection to a DBMS, and it provides access to dynamic queries, result sets, DBMS session management (transactions), etc.

Implementation note

Individual drivers are free to implement single or multiple simultaneous connections.

See Also

Other DBI classes: DBIDriver-class, DBIObject-class, DBIResult-class

Other DBIConnection generics: dbDataType, dbDisconnect, dbExecute, dbExistsTable, dbGetException, dbGetInfo, dbGetQuery, dbIsValid, dbListFields, dbListResults, dbListTables, dbReadTable, dbRemoveTable, dbSendQuery, dbSendStatement

  • DBIConnection-class
library(DBI) con <- dbConnect(RSQLite::SQLite(), ":memory:") con dbDisconnect(con) ## Not run: # con <- dbConnect(RPostgreSQL::PostgreSQL(), "username", "passsword") # con # dbDisconnect(con) # ## End(Not run)
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