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Date 2016-09-09
Encoding UTF-8
License LGPL (>= 2)
URL http://rstats-db.github.io/DBI
URLNote https://github.com/rstats-db/DBI
BugReports https://github.com/rstats-db/DBI/issues
Collate 'DBObject.R' 'DBDriver.R' 'DBConnection.R' 'ANSI.R' 'DBI-package.R' 'DBResult.R' 'data-types.R' 'data.R' 'deprecated.R' 'hidden.R' 'interpolate.R' 'quote.R' 'rownames.R' 'table-create.R' 'table-insert.R' 'table.R' 'transactions.R' 'util.R'
VignetteBuilder knitr
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2016-09-09 21:32:04 UTC; muelleki
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-09-10 01:27:20

R Database Interface

A database interface definition for communication between R and relational database management systems. All classes in this package are virtual and need to be extended by the various R/DBMS implementations.
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Functions in DBI

Name Description
dbDriver Load and unload database drivers
dbColumnInfo Information about result types
dbExecute Execute an update statement, query number of rows affected, and then close result set
ANSI A dummy DBI connector that simulates ANSI-SQL compliance
dbCallProc Call an SQL stored procedure
dbClearResult Clear a result set
dbBind Bind values to a parameterised/prepared statement
dbDisconnect Disconnect (close) a connection
dbConnect Create a connection to a DBMS
dbDataType Determine the SQL data type of an object
dbGetInfo Get DBMS metadata
dbGetStatement Get the statement associated with a result set
dbGetDBIVersion Determine the current version of the package.
dbGetRowCount The number of rows fetched so far
dbGetQuery Send query, retrieve results and then clear result set
dbHasCompleted Completion status
dbGetRowsAffected The number of rows affected
dbExistsTable Does a table exist?
dbGetException Get DBMS exceptions
dbIsValid Is this DBMS object still valid?
DBIConnection-class DBIConnection class
DBIspec DBI specification
DBIResult-class DBIResult class
DBIDriver-class DBIDriver class
dbListConnections List currently open connections
dbListResults A list of all pending results
dbListFields List field names of a remote table
DBIObject-class DBIObject class
DBI-package R Database Interface
dbDriver,character-method Internal page for hidden aliases
dbReadTable Copy data frames to and from database tables
make.db.names Make R identifiers into legal SQL identifiers
print.list.pairs Print a list of pairs.
dbListTables List remote tables
dbWithTransaction Self-contained SQL transactions
dbSendStatement Execute a data manipulation statement on a given database connection
dbSetDataMappings Set data mappings between an DBMS and R.
dbSendQuery Execute a query on a given database connection
dbRemoveTable Remove a table from the database
dbFetch Fetch records from a previously executed query
rownames Convert row names back and forth between columns
transactions Begin/commit/rollback SQL transactions
sqlInterpolate Safely interpolate values into an SQL string
SQL SQL quoting
sqlData Convert a data frame into form suitable for upload to a SQL database
sqlParseVariables Parse interpolated variables from SQL.
sqlAppendTable Insert rows into a table
Table-class Refer to a table nested in a hierarchy (e.g. within a schema)
sqlCreateTable Create a simple table
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