DBI (version 0.5-1)

DBIObject-class: DBIObject class


Base class for all other DBI classes (e.g., drivers, connections). This is a virtual Class: No objects may be created from it.


Implementation notes

An implementation MUST provide methods for the following generics: It MAY also provide methods for:
  • summary. Print a concise description of the object. The default method invokes dbGetInfo(dbObj) and prints the name-value pairs one per line. Individual implementations may tailor this appropriately.


More generally, the DBI defines a very small set of classes and generics that allows users and applications access DBMS with a common interface. The virtual classes are DBIDriver that individual drivers extend, DBIConnection that represent instances of DBMS connections, and DBIResult that represent the result of a DBMS statement. These three classes extend the basic class of DBIObject, which serves as the root or parent of the class hierarchy.

See Also

Other DBI classes: DBIConnection-class, DBIDriver-class, DBIResult-class


Run this code
drv <- RSQLite::SQLite()
con <- dbConnect(drv)

rs <- dbSendQuery(con, "SELECT 1")
is(drv, "DBIObject")   ## True
is(con, "DBIObject")   ## True
is(rs, "DBIObject")


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