Pseudo R2 Statistics

The goodness of fit of the logistic regression model can be expressed by some variants of pseudo R squared statistics, most of which being based on the deviance of the model.

PseudoR2(x, which = NULL)
the glm, polr or multinom model object to be evaluated.
character, one out of "McFadden","AldrichNelson", "McFaddenAdj", "Nagelkerke", "CoxSnell", "Effron", "McKelveyZavoina", "Tjur", "all". Partial matching is supported.

Cox and Snell's $R^2$ is based on the log likelihood for the model compared to the log likelihood for a baseline model. However, with categorical outcomes, it has a theoretical maximum value of less than 1, even for a "perfect" model.

Nagelkerke's $R^2$ is an adjusted version of the Cox and Snell's $R^2$ that adjusts the scale of the statistic to cover the full range from 0 to 1.

McFadden's $R^2$ is another version, based on the log-likelihood kernels for the intercept-only model and the full estimated model.


AIC, LogLik, LogLikNull and G2 will only be reported with option "all".


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  • PseudoR2
r.glm <- glm(Survived ~ ., data=Untable(Titanic), family=binomial)

PseudoR2(r.glm, c("McFadden", "Nagel"))
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