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Tools of the Trade for Discriminant Analysis

Functions for Discriminant Analysis and Classification purposes covering various methods such as descriptive, geometric, linear, quadratic, PLS, as well as qualitative discriminant analyses

Functions in DiscriMiner

Name Description
betweenSS Between-class Sum of Squares Matrix
insurance Insurance Dataset
binarize Binarize a data frame into a super-indicator matrix
withinSS Within-class Sum of Squares Matrix
disqual Discriminant Analysis on Qualitative Variables
plsDA_old PLS Discriminant Analysis
groupMeans Group Means
totalSS Total Sum of Squares Matrix
quaDA Quadratic Discriminant Analysis
groupMedians Group Medians
withinCov Within-class Covariance Matrix
groupVars Group Variances
geoDA Geometric Predictive Discriminant Analysis
groupQuants Group Quantiles
desDA Descriptive Discriminant Analysis
discPower Discriminant Power
easyMCA Multiple Correspondence Analysis
classify Classification function
corRatio Correlation Ratio
plsDA PLS Discriminant Analysis
groupStds Group Standard Deviations
bordeaux Bordeaux Wines Dataset
FRatio F-Statistic Ratio
DiscriMiner-package Tools of the Trade for Discriminant Analysis
totalCov Total Covariance Matrix
linDA Linear Discriminant Analysis
my_plsDA PLS Discriminant Analysis
betweenCov Between-class Covariance Matrix
infarctus Infarctus dataset
getWithin Within-class Covariance Matrix
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Type Package
Date 2013-11-14
License GPL-3
URL http://www.gastonsanchez.com
LazyData yes
Collate 'DiscriMiner-package.R' 'FRatio.R' 'betweenCov.R' 'betweenSS.R' 'binarize.R' 'classify.R' 'corRatio.R' 'desDA.R' 'discPower.R' 'disqual.R' 'easyMCA.R' 'geoDA.R' 'getWithin.R' 'groupMeans.R' 'groupMedians.R' 'groupQuants.R' 'groupStds.R' 'groupVars.R' 'linDA.R' 'my_betweenCov.R' 'my_catDA.R' 'my_discFunctions.R' 'my_geoDA.R' 'my_groupMeans.R' 'my_linDA.R' 'my_mca.R' 'my_plsDA.R' 'my_quaDA.R' 'my_tdc.R' 'my_verify.R' 'my_withinCov.R' 'plot.plsda.R' 'print.desda.R' 'print.disqual.R' 'print.geoda.R' 'print.linda.R' 'print.plsda.R' 'print.quada.R' 'print.qualmca.R' 'quaDA.R' 'totalCov.R' 'totalSS.R' 'withinCov.R' 'withinSS.R' 'my_plsDA_old.R' 'plsDA_old.R' 'plsDA.R'
Packaged 2013-11-14 19:52:13 UTC; Gaston
NeedsCompilation no
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2013-11-15 00:52:30

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