EBImage v4.14.2

by Andrzej Ole

Image processing and analysis toolbox for R

EBImage provides general purpose functionality for image processing and analysis. In the context of (high-throughput) microscopy-based cellular assays, EBImage offers tools to segment cells and extract quantitative cellular descriptors. This allows the automation of such tasks using the R programming language and facilitates the use of other tools in the R environment for signal processing, statistical modeling, machine learning and visualization with image data.

Functions in EBImage

Name Description
paintObjects Mark objects in images
fillHull Fill holes in objects
normalize Intensity values linear scaling
resize Spatial linear transformations
tile Tiling/untiling images
distmap Distance map transform
channel Color and image color mode conversions
bwlabel Binary segmentation
colormap Map a Greyscale Image to Color
medianFilter 2D constant time median filtering
combine Combining images
thresh Adaptive thresholding
watershed Watershed transformation and watershed based object detection
localCurvature Local Curvature
display Image Display
transpose Image Transposition
equalize Histogram Equalization
Image Image class
gblur Low-pass Gaussian filter
EBImage-deprecated Deprecated functions in package ‘EBImage’
drawCircle Draw a circle on an image.
colorLabels Color Code Labels
rmObjects Object removal and re-indexation
otsu Calculate Otsu's threshold
EBImage-defunct Defunct functions in package ‘EBImage’
io Image I/O
morphology Perform morphological operations on images
ocontour Oriented contours
computeFeatures Compute object features
propagate Voronoi-based segmentation on image manifolds
floodFill Region filling
EBImage Package overview
filter2 2D Convolution Filter
stackObjects Places detected objects into an image stack
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