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Exploratory Analysis with the Singular Value Decomposition

A variety of descriptive multivariate analyses with the singular value decomposition, such as principal components analysis, correspondence analysis, and multidimensional scaling. See An ExPosition of the Singular Value Decomposition in R (Beaton et al 2014) <doi:10.1016/j.csda.2013.11.006>.

Functions in ExPosition

Name Description
ExPosition-package ExPosition: Exploratory Analysis with the Singular Value DecomPosition
coreMDS coreMDS
coffee.data Small data set on flavor perception and preferences for coffee.
calculateConstraints calculateConstraints
chi2Dist Chi-square Distance computation
beer.tasting.notes Some of authors' personal beer tasting notes.
computeMW computeMW
beers2007 Ten assessors sort eight beers into groups.
authors (A truncated form of) Punctuation used by six authors (data).
caNorm Correspondence analysis preprocessing
epCA epCA: Correspondence Analysis (CA) via ExPosition.
epGPCA epGPCA: Generalized Principal Components Analysis (GPCA) via ExPosition.
corePCA corePCA
createDefaultDesign createDefaultDesign
caSupplementalElementsPreProcessing Correspondence Analysis preprocessing.
bada.wine Twelve wines from 3 regions in France with 18 attributes.
jocn.2005.fmri Data of categories of images as view in an fMRI experiment.
epGraphs epGraphs: ExPosition plotting function
epMCA epMCA: Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) via ExPosition.
epMDS epMDS: Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) via ExPosition.
makeDistancesAndWeights Makes distances and weights for MDS analyses (see epMDS).
makeNominalData makeNominalData
french.social How twelve French families spend their income on groceries.
print.epSVD Print results from the singular value decomposition (SVD) in ExPosition
genPDQ genPDQ: the GSVD
epPCA epPCA: Principal Component Analysis (PCA) via ExPosition.
print.expoOutput Print results from ExPosition
makeRowProfiles Preprocessing for CA-based analyses
nominalCheck Checks if data are disjunctive.
snps.druguse Small data set for Partial Least Squares-Correspondence Analysis
pca.wine Six wines described by several assessors with rank attributes.
dica.wine Twelve wines from 3 regions in France with 16 attributes.
pause pause
designCheck designCheck
hellingerSupplementaryRowsPreProcessing Preprocessing for supplementary rows in Hellinger analyses.
supplementalProjection Supplemental projections.
ep.iris Fisher's iris Set (for ExPosition)
jlsr.2010.ad Data from 17 Alzheimer's Patient-Spouse dyads.
dica.ad Alzheimer's Patient-Spouse Dyads.
pickSVD Pick which generalized SVD (or related) decomposition to use.
pcaSupplementaryRowsPreProcessing Preprocessing for supplemental rows in PCA.
pcaSupplementaryColsPreProcessing Preprocessing for supplementary columns in PCA.
print.epCA Print Correspondence Analysis (CA) results
hellingerNorm Hellinger version of CA preprocessing
print.epGraphs Print epGraphs results
rowNorms Normalize the rows of a matrix.
print.epGPCA Print Generalized Principal Components Analysis (GPCA) results
hellingerSupplementaryColsPreProcessing Preprocessing for supplementary columns in Hellinger analyses.
rvCoeff Perform Rv coefficient computation.
expo.scale Scaling functions for ExPosition.
mdsSupplementalElementsPreProcessing MDS preprocessing
print.epMCA Print Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) results
supplementaryCols Supplementary columns
supplementaryRows Supplementary rows
mdsTransform Transform data for MDS analysis.
faces2005 Faces analyzed using Four Algorithms
great.beer.tasting.1 A collection of beer tasting notes from untrained assessors.
words Twenty words described by 2 features.
great.beer.tasting.2 A collection of beer tasting notes from untrained assessors.
mca.eigen.fix mca.eigen.fix
mca.wine Six wines described by several assessors with qualitative attributes.
print.epMDS Print Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) results
print.epPCA Print Principal Components Analysis (PCA) results
wines2007 Six wines described by 3 assessors.
wines2012 Wines Data from 12 assessors described by 15 flavor profiles.
coreCA coreCA
acknowledgements acknowledgements
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Type Package
Date 2018-12-27
License GPL-2
Packaged 2018-12-27 16:16:04 UTC; Derek
BugReports https://github.com/derekbeaton/ExPosition-Family_OLD
NeedsCompilation no
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-01-07 17:00:41 UTC

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