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Boosting Functional Regression Models

Regression models for functional data, i.e., scalar-on-function, function-on-scalar and function-on-function regression models, are fitted by a component-wise gradient boosting algorithm.

Functions in FDboost

Name Description
FDboost-package FDboost: Boosting Functional Regression Models
emotion EEG and EMG recordings in a computerised gambling study
wide2long Transform id and time of wide format into long format
applyFolds Cross-Validation and Bootstrapping over Curves
funMRD Functional MRD
predict.FDboost Prediction for boosted functional regression model
mstop.validateFDboost Methods for objects of class validateFDboost
[.hmatrix Extract or replace parts of a hmatrix-object
validateFDboost Cross-Validation and Bootstrapping over Curves
stabsel.FDboost Stability Selection
viscosity Viscosity of resin over time
getTime.hmatrix Extract attributes of hmatrix
funplot Plot functional data with linear interpolation of missing values
plot.FDboost Plot the fit or the coefficients of a boosted functional regression model
bbsc Constrained Base-learners for Scalar Covariates
extract.blg Extract information of a base-learner
fitted.FDboost Fitted values of a boosted functional regression model
plot.bootstrapCI Methods for objects of class bootstrapCI
subset_hmatrix Subsets hmatrix according to an index
is.hmatrix Test to class of hmatrix
getTime Generic functions to asses attributes of functional data objects
%Xc% Constrained row tensor product
funMSE Functional MSE
o_control Function to control estimation of smooth offset
summary.FDboost Print and summary of a boosted functional regression model
hmatrix A S3 class for univariate functional data on a common grid
integrationWeights Functions to compute integration weights
residuals.FDboost Residual values of a boosted functional regression model
funRsquared Functional R-squared
reweightData Function to Reweight Data
truncateTime Function to truncate time in functional data
update.FDboost Function to update FDboost objects
cvrisk.FDboostLSS Cross-validation for FDboostLSS
FDboostLSS Model-based Gradient Boosting for Functional GAMLSS
bhistx Base-learners for Functional Covariates
fuelSubset Spectral data of fossil fuels
anisotropic_Kronecker Kronecker product or row tensor product of two base-learners with anisotropic penalty
bootstrapCI Function to compute bootstrap confidence intervals
FDboost Model-based Gradient Boosting for Functional Response
bsignal Base-learners for Functional Covariates
coef.FDboost Coefficients of boosted functional regression model
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Type Package
Date 2018-08-04
License GPL-2
Packaged 2018-08-04 08:55:27 UTC; Sarah
Collate 'aaa.R' 'FDboost-package.R' 'FDboost.R' 'baselearners.R' 'baselearnersX.R' 'bootstrapCIs.R' 'constrainedX.R' 'crossvalidation.R' 'FDboostLSS.R' 'hmatrix.R' 'methods.R' 'stabsel.R' 'utilityFunctions.R'
RoxygenNote 6.0.1
BugReports https://github.com/boost-R/FDboost/issues
URL https://github.com/boost-R/FDboost
VignetteBuilder knitr
NeedsCompilation no
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-08-04 21:10:11 UTC

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