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Multivariate Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Mining

Exploratory data analysis methods to summarize, visualize and describe datasets. The main principal component methods are available, those with the largest potential in terms of applications: principal component analysis (PCA) when variables are quantitative, correspondence analysis (CA) and multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) when variables are categorical, Multiple Factor Analysis when variables are structured in groups, etc. and hierarchical cluster analysis. F. Husson, S. Le and J. Pages (2017).



You can see the Website dedicated to FactoMineR (link for English version, and for the French version)

How do you install the latest version of FactoMineR available on GitHub?

if (!require("devtools")) install.packages("devtools")

Functions in FactoMineR

Name Description
HCPC Hierarchical Clustering on Principle Components (HCPC)
HMFA Hierarchical Multiple Factor Analysis
FAMD Factor Analysis for Mixed Data
CA Correspondence Analysis (CA)
MCA Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA)
JO Number of medals in athletism during olympic games per country
autoLab Function to better position the labels on the graphs
DMFA Dual Multiple Factor Analysis (DMFA)
CaGalt Correspondence Analysis on Generalised Aggregated Lexical Table (CaGalt)
RegBest Select variables in multiple linear regression
condes Continuous variable description
coeffRV Calculate the RV coefficient and test its significance
AovSum Analysis of variance with the contrasts sum (the sum of the coefficients is 0)
geomorphology geomorphology(data)
footsize footsize
plot.HCPC Plots for Hierarchical Classification on Principle Components (HCPC) results
MFA Multiple Factor Analysis (MFA)
catdes Categories description
GPA Generalised Procrustes Analysis
FactoMineR-package Multivariate Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Mining with R
hobbies hobbies (data)
children Children (data)
graph.var Make graph of variables
PCA Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
print.FAMD Print the Multiple Factor Analysis of mixt Data (FAMD) results
plot.HMFA Draw the Hierarchical Multiple Factor Analysis (HMFA) graphs
decathlon Performance in decathlon (data)
print.GPA Print the Generalized Procrustes Analysis (GPA) results
plot.MFA Draw the Multiple Factor Analysis (MFA) graphs
health health (data)
predict.MFA Predict projection for new rows with Multiple Factor Analysis
descfreq Description of frequencies
milk milk
mortality The cause of mortality in France in 1979 and 2006
coord.ellipse Construct confidence ellipses
print.PCA Print the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) results
poison.text Poison
poison Poison
plot.MCA Draw the Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) graphs
predict.PCA Predict projection for new rows with Principal Component Analysis
ellipseCA Draw confidence ellipses in CA
print.MCA Print the Multiple Correspondance Analysis (MCA) results
summary.MFA Printing summaries of MFA objects
summary.MCA Printing summeries of MCA objects
dimdesc Dimension description
wine Wine
tab.disjonctif Make a disjonctif table
print.MFA Print the Multiple Factor Analysis results
predict.CA Predict projection for new rows with Correspondence Analysis
plot.GPA Draw the General Procrustes Analysis (GPA) map
poulet Genomic data for chicken
predict.FAMD Predict projection for new rows with Factor Analysis of Mixed Data
estim_ncp Estimate the number of components in Principal Component Analysis
plot.FAMD Draw the Multiple Factor Analysis for Mixt Data graphs
predict.MCA Predict projection for new rows with Multiple Correspondence Analysis
write.infile Print in a file
tab.disjonctif.prop Make a disjunctive table when missing values are present
print.catdes Print the catdes results
reconst Reconstruction of the data from the PCA, CA or MFA results
plotGPApartial Draw an interactive General Procrustes Analysis (GPA) map
plot.DMFA Draw the Dual Multiple Factor Analysis (DMFA) graphs
senso senso
plotMFApartial Plot an interactive Multiple Factor Analysis (MFA) graph
plot.CaGalt Draw the Correspondence Analysis on Generalised Aggregated Lexical Table (CaGalt) graphs
tea tea (data)
textual Text mining
plot.PCA Draw the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) graphs
print.CA Print the Correspondance Analysis (CA) results
plot.CA Draw the Correspondence Analysis (CA) graphs
print.HMFA Print the Hierarchical Multiple Factor Analysis results
plotellipses Draw confidence ellipses around the categories
plot.catdes Plots for description of clusters (catdes)
summary.PCA Printing summeries of PCA objects
prefpls Scatter plot and additional variables with quality of representation contour lines
print.HCPC Print the Hierarchical Clustering on Principal Components (HCPC) results
print.AovSum Print the AovSum results
simule Simulate by bootstrap
print.CaGalt Print the Correspondence Analysis on Generalised Aggregated Lexical Table (CaGalt) results
summary.CA Printing summeries of ca objects
summary.CaGalt Printing summaries of CaGalt objects
summary.FAMD Printing summeries of FAMD objects
svd.triplet Singular Value Decomposition of a Matrix
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