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GAD: Analysis of variance from general principles

This package analyses complex ANOVA models with any combination of orthogonal/nested and fixed/random factors, as described by Underwood (1997). There are two restrictions: (i) data must be balanced; (ii) fixed nested factors are not allowed. Homogeneity of variances is checked using Cochran's C test and 'a posteriori' comparisons of means are done using Student-Newman-Keuls (SNK) procedure.

Functions in GAD

Name Description
as.fixed Encodes a vector as a "fixed factor"
GAD-package Analysis of variance from general principles
is.fixed Tests if a factor is fixed
C.test Cochran's C test of homogeneity of variances
rohlf95 Dataset - Mosquitos' wing data colleted by Rohlf and cited in Sokal & Rohlf (1995)
gad General ANOVA Design
estimates Estimates of an ANOVA design
as.random Encodes a vector as a "random factor"
is.random Tests if a factor is ramdom
rats Dataset - Glycogen content of rat livers.
snails Dataset - Growth rates of snails on large boulders on different rock shores.
snk.test Student-Newman-Keuls (SNK) procedure
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Date 2011-02-21
License GPL (>= 2.0)
Packaged 2012-10-29 08:57:06 UTC; ripley
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2012-10-29 08:57:06

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