GOstats v2.38.1

Tools for manipulating GO and microarrays.

A set of tools for interacting with GO and microarray data. A variety of basic manipulation tools for graphs, hypothesis testing and other simple calculations.

Functions in GOstats

Name Description
GOstats-defunct Defunct Functions in GOstats Package
GOHyperGResult-class Class "GOHyperGResult"
GOstats-package Tools for manipulating GO and microarrays.
hyperGTest Hypergeometric Tests for GO term association
termGraphs Extraction and Plotting of GO Terms from a GOHyperGResult Object
triadCensus Triad Functions
compCorrGraph A function to compute a correlation based graph from Gene Expression Data
compGdist A function to compute the distance between pairs of nodes in a graph.
simLL Functions to compute similarities between GO graphs and also between Entrez Gene IDs based on their induced GO graphs.
shortestPath Shortest Path Analysis
makeGOGraph Construct a GO Graph
idx2dimnames Index to Dimnames
Ndists Distance matrices for the BCR/ABL and NEG subgroups.
notConn Find genes that are not connected to the others.
oneGOGraph Construct the GO graph given a set of leaves.
probeSetSummary Summarize Probe Sets Associated with a hyperGTest Result
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Collate zzz.R AllClasses.R AllGenerics.R hyperGTest-methods.R GOHyperGResult-accessors.R GOgraph.R GOhyptest.R hyperGtable.R shortestPath.R triad.R
biocViews Annotation, GO, MultipleComparison, GeneExpression, Microarray, Pathways, GeneSetEnrichment, GraphAndNetwork

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