Heatplus v2.18.0

Heatmaps with row and/or column covariates and colored clusters

Display a rectangular heatmap (intensity plot) of a data matrix. By default, both samples (columns) and features (row) of the matrix are sorted according to a hierarchical clustering, and the corresponding dendrogram is plotted. Optionally, panels with additional information about samples and features can be added to the plot.

Functions in Heatplus

Name Description
picketPlot Display a data frame of annotation information
heatmap_2 Display Data as Heatmap
g2r.colors Palette from green to red via black
heatmap_plus Display an Annotated Heatmap
plot.annHeatmap Plotting method for annotated heatmaps
BrewerClusterCol Color scheme for clusters
doLegend A simple legend
niceBreaks Get nice (symmetric) breaks for an interval
RGBColVec Alternative color schemes
convAnnData Converting data frames for display as annotation
print.annHeatmap Printing information about annotated heatmaps
Setting defaults Override existing list entries
oldCutplot.dendrogram Plot Subtrees of a Dendrogram in Different Colors
heatmapLayout Generate a layout for an (annotated) heatmap
annHeatmap2 Annotated heatmaps
breakColors Color palette for (symmetric) breaks
Undocumented functions Undocumented functions
oldPicketplot Barplots for Several Binary Variables
regHeatmap Regular heatmaps with a legend
annHeatmap Annotated heatmaps
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Date 2015-09-03
biocViews Microarray, Visualization
License GPL (>= 2)
URL https://github.com/alexploner/Heatplus
BugReports https://github.com/alexploner/Heatplus/issues

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