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Harrell Miscellaneous

Contains many functions useful for data analysis, high-level graphics, utility operations, functions for computing sample size and power, importing and annotating datasets, imputing missing values, advanced table making, variable clustering, character string manipulation, conversion of R objects to LaTeX and html code, and recoding variables.



Harrell Miscellaneous

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  • Consider using the haven package for importing SAS, Stata, and SPSS files; haven stores labels as the label attribute of each variable as does Hmisc; it converts date and time variables automatically and allows one to specify a format catalog along with the primary dataset
  • See if the readstata13 package has advantages over the foreign package for Stata file import
  • Consider creating xl.get using the readxl package to read .xls and .xlsx Excel files
  • In impute.transcan, sense if a variable in data is not a factor whereas it was treated as a factor during aregImpute; it should be converted to factor before the line v[sub] <- ... levels(as.integer...)) is run

Functions in Hmisc

Name Description
Save Faciliate Use of save and load to Remote Directories
Merge Merge Multiple Data Frames or Data Tables
Cs Character strings from unquoted names
GiniMd Gini's Mean Difference
abs.error.pred Indexes of Absolute Prediction Error for Linear Models
Hmisc-internal Internal Hmisc functions
Misc Miscellaneous Functions
Lag Lag a Numeric, Character, or Factor Vector
Ecdf Empirical Cumulative Distribution Plot
HmiscOverview Overview of Hmisc Library
approxExtrap Linear Extrapolation
bootkm Bootstrap Kaplan-Meier Estimates
binconf Confidence Intervals for Binomial Probabilities
biVar Bivariate Summaries Computed Separately by a Series of Predictors
aregImpute Multiple Imputation using Additive Regression, Bootstrapping, and Predictive Mean Matching Check if All Elements in Character Vector are Numeric
addMarginal Add Marginal Observations
areg Additive Regression with Optimal Transformations on Both Sides using Canonical Variates
ciapower Power of Interaction Test for Exponential Survival
cnvrt.coords Convert between the 5 different coordinate sytems on a graphical device
curveRep Representative Curves
cut2 Cut a Numeric Variable into Intervals
bpplot Box-percentile plots
bpower Power and Sample Size for Two-Sample Binomial Test
consolidate Element Merging
contents Metadata for a Data Frame
csv.get Read Comma-Separated Text Data Files
cpower Power of Cox/log-rank Two-Sample Test
discrete Discrete Vector tools
deff Design Effect and Intra-cluster Correlation
dotchart2 Enhanced Dot Chart
describe Concise Statistical Description of a Vector, Matrix, Data Frame, or Formula
dotchart3 Enhanced Version of dotchart Function
dotchartpl Enhanced Version of dotchart Function for plotly
capitalize capitalize the first letter of a string
bystats Statistics by Categories
mhgr Miscellaneous Functions for Epidemiology
equalBins Multicolumn Formating
data.frame.create.modify.check Tips for Creating, Modifying, and Checking Data Frames
event.convert Event Conversion for Time-to-Event Data
event.chart Flexible Event Chart for Time-to-Event Data
errbar Plot Error Bars
escapeRegex Escapes any characters that would have special meaning in a reqular expression.
format.df Format a Data Frame or Matrix for LaTeX or HTML
format.pval Format P Values
getRs Interact with github rscripts Project
getZip Open a Zip File From a URL.
getHdata Download and Install Datasets for Hmisc, rms, and Statistical Modeling
gbayes Gaussian Bayesian Posterior and Predictive Distributions
first.word First Word in a String or Expression
dataRep Representativeness of Observations in a Data Set
find.matches Find Close Matches Histograms for Variables in a Data Frame
hidingTOC Moving and Hiding Table of Contents
hdquantile Harrell-Davis Distribution-Free Quantile Estimator
histbackback Back to Back Histograms
impute Generic Functions and Methods for Imputation
html Convert an S object to HTML
colorFacet Miscellaneous ggplot2 and grid Helper Functions
event.history Produces event.history graph for survival data
latexCheckOptions Check whether the options for latex functions have been specified.
ggfreqScatter Frequency Scatterplot
ffCompress Transform Data Frame Into a Compact ff Object
knitrSet knitr Setup and plotly Service Function
labcurve Label Curves, Make Keys, and Interactively Draw Points and Curves
histboxp Use plotly to Draw Stratified Spike Histogram and Box Plot Statistics
mgp.axis Draw Axes With Side-Specific mgp Parameters
legendfunctions Legend Creation Functions
mtitle Margin Titles
list.tree Pretty-print the Structure of a Data Object
latexTabular Convert a Data Frame or Matrix to a LaTeX Tabular
multLines Plot Multiple Lines
na.detail.response Detailed Response Variable Information
na.delete Row-wise Deletion na.action
latexTherm Create LaTeX Thermometers and Colored Needles
latexDotchart Enhanced Dot Chart for LaTeX Picture Environment with epic
minor.tick Minor Tick Marks
%nin% Find Matching (or Non-Matching) Elements
na.keep Do-nothing na.action
hoeffd Matrix of Hoeffding's D Statistics
plotCorrPrecision Plot Precision of Estimate of Pearson Correlation Coefficient
prnz Print and Object with its Name
prselect Selectively Print Lines of a Text Vector
nobsY Compute Number of Observations for Left Hand Side of Formula
rcspline.restate Re-state Restricted Cubic Spline Function
pstamp Date/Time/Directory Stamp the Current Plot
plotlyM plotly Multiple
rcspline.plot Plot Restricted Cubic Spline Function
mApply Apply a Function to Rows of a Matrix or Vector
rMultinom Generate Multinomial Random Variables with Varying Probabilities
nstr Creates a string of arbitry length
mChoice Methods for Storing and Analyzing Multiple Choice Variables
num.intercepts Extract number of intercepts
latex Convert an S object to LaTeX, and Related Utilities
mdb.get Read Tables in a Microsoft Access Database
plsmo Plot smoothed estimates
makeNstr creates a string that is a repeat of a substring
popower Power and Sample Size for Ordinal Response
label Label Attribute of an Object
rlegend Special Version of legend for R
panel.bpplot Box-Percentile Panel Function for Trellis
print.char.list prints a list of lists in a visually readable format.
partition Patitions an object into different sets
reShape Reshape Matrices and Serial Data
pc1 First Principal Component
print.char.matrix Function to print a matrix with stacked cells
rcorr.cens Rank Correlation for Censored Data
rcorr Matrix of Correlations and P-values
scat1d One-Dimensional Scatter Diagram, Spike Histogram, or Density
samplesize.bin Sample Size for 2-sample Binomial
sasxport.get Enhanced Importing of SAS Transport Files using read.xport
spower Simulate Power of 2-Sample Test for Survival under Complex Conditions
rm.boot Bootstrap Repeated Measurements Model
score.binary Score a Series of Binary Variables
redun Redundancy Analysis
simplifyDims List Simplification
show.pch Display Colors, Plotting Symbols, and Symbol Numeric Equivalents
sedit Character String Editing and Miscellaneous Character Handling Functions
spss.get Enhanced Importing of SPSS Files
stata.get Enhanced Importing of STATA Files Compute Summary Statistics on a Vector Determine Dimensions of Strings
solvet solve Function with tol argument
somers2 Somers' Dxy Rank Correlation
rcorrp.cens Rank Correlation for Paired Predictors with a Possibly Censored Response, and Integrated Discrimination Index
showPsfrag Display image from psfrag LaTeX strings
simRegOrd Simulate Power for Adjusted Ordinal Regression Two-Sample Test
rcspline.eval Restricted Cubic Spline Design Matrix
subplot Embed a new plot within an existing plot
src Source a File from the Current Working Directory
summaryS Summarize Multiple Response Variables and Make Multipanel Scatter or Dot Plot
summarize Summarize Scalars or Matrices by Cross-Classification
summaryP Multi-way Summary of Proportions
stat_plsmo Add a lowess smoother without counfidence bands.
summary.formula Summarize Data for Making Tables and Plots
symbol.freq Graphic Representation of a Frequency Table
string.break.line Break a String into Many Lines at Newlines
stringDims String Dimentions
summaryM Summarize Mixed Data Types vs. Groups
summaryRc Graphical Summarization of Continuous Variables Against a Response
tabulr Interface to Tabular Function
units Units Attribute of a Vector
upData Update a Data Frame or Cleanup a Data Frame after Importing
sys Run Unix or Dos Depending on System
trunc.POSIXt Return the floor, ceiling, or rounded value of date or time to specified unit.
tex function for use in graphs that are used with the psfrag package in LaTeX
t.test.cluster t-test for Clustered Data
translate Translate Vector or Matrix of Text Strings
transcan Transformations/Imputations using Canonical Variates
transace Additive Regression and Transformations using ace or avas
ynbind Combine Variables in a Matrix Mean x vs. function of y in groups of x
yearDays Get Number of Days in Year or Month
varclus Variable Clustering
wtd.stats Weighted Statistical Estimates
xtfrm.labelled Auxiliary Function Method for Sorting and Ranking
xYplot xyplot and dotplot with Matrix Variables to Plot Error Bars and Bands
upFirst Change First Letters to Upper Case
valueTags Store Discriptive Information About an Object
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