LVSmiRNA v1.22.0

by Stefano Calza

LVS normalization for Agilent miRNA data

Normalization of Agilent miRNA arrays.

Functions in LVSmiRNA

Name Description
read.mir Read in miRNA Data from Agilent Feature Extractiion Output Files
preproc-methods Methods for Function preproc
RLM Robust Fitting of Linear Models
lvs Least Variant Set selection and Normalization Function(s)
rlmFit Fitter Functions for Robust Linear Models
MIR-spike-in Data example
probeNames-methods Methods for Function probeNames
sampleNames-methods Methods for Function sampleNames
exprs-methods Methods for Function exprs
estVC Robust Linear Model to Estimate Residual Variance and Array Effect
summarize LVSmiRNA Summarization Function(s) for microRNA Microarray
boxplot-methods Methods for Function boxplot
preproc<--methods Methods for Function preproc
plot-method Plot of Residual Variance and Array Effect
featureNames-methods Methods for Function featureNames
exprs<--methods ~~ Methods for Function exprs
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Type Package
Date 2015-02-12
biocViews Microarray,AgilentChip,OneChannel,Preprocessing
License GPL-2
LazyLoad yes

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