Luminescence (version 0.8.6)

calc_FuchsLang2001: Apply the model after Fuchs & Lang (2001) to a given De distribution.


This function applies the method according to Fuchs & Lang (2001) for heterogeneously bleached samples with a given coefficient of variation threshold.


calc_FuchsLang2001(data, cvThreshold = 5, startDeValue = 1,
  plot = TRUE, ...)



'>RLum.Results or data.frame (required): for data.frame: two columns with De (data[,1]) and De error (values[,2])


numeric (with default): coefficient of variation in percent, as threshold for the method, e.g. cvThreshold = 3. See details .


numeric (with default): number of the first aliquot that is used for the calculations


logical (with default): plot output TRUE/FALSE


further arguments and graphical parameters passed to plot


Returns a plot (optional) and terminal output. In addition an '>RLum.Results object is returned containing the following elements:


data.frame summary of all relevant model results.


data.frame original input data


list used arguments


call the function call


data.frame containing the used values for the calculation

Function version

0.4.1 (2018-01-21 17:22:38)

How to cite

Kreutzer, S., Burow, C. (2018). calc_FuchsLang2001(): Apply the model after Fuchs & Lang (2001) to a given De distribution.. Function version 0.4.1. In: Kreutzer, S., Burow, C., Dietze, M., Fuchs, M.C., Schmidt, C., Fischer, M., Friedrich, J. (2018). Luminescence: Comprehensive Luminescence Dating Data Analysis. R package version 0.8.6.


Used values

If the coefficient of variation (c[v]) of the first two values is larger than the threshold c[v_threshold], the first value is skipped. Use the startDeValue argument to define a start value for calculation (e.g. 2nd or 3rd value).

Basic steps of the approach

  1. Estimate natural relative variation of the sample using a dose recovery test

  2. Sort the input values ascendingly

  3. Calculate a running mean, starting with the lowermost two values and add values iteratively.

  4. Stop if the calculated c[v] exceeds the specified cvThreshold


Fuchs, M. & Lang, A., 2001. OSL dating of coarse-grain fluvial quartz using single-aliqout protocols on sediments from NE Peloponnese, Greece. In: Quaternary Science Reviews 20, 783-787.

Fuchs, M. & Wagner, G.A., 2003. Recognition of insufficient bleaching by small aliquots of quartz for reconstructing soil erosion in Greece. Quaternary Science Reviews 22, 1161-1167.

See Also

plot, calc_MinDose, calc_FiniteMixture, calc_CentralDose, calc_CommonDose, '>RLum.Results


## load example data
data(ExampleData.DeValues, envir = environment())

## calculate De according to Fuchs & Lang (2001)
temp<- calc_FuchsLang2001(ExampleData.DeValues$BT998, cvThreshold = 5)

# }