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Comprehensive Luminescence Dating Data Analysis

A collection of various R functions for the purpose of Luminescence dating data analysis. This includes, amongst others, data import, export, application of age models, curve deconvolution, sequence analysis and plotting of equivalent dose distributions.

Functions in Luminescence

Name Description
RLum-class Class "RLum"
BaseDataSet.CosmicDoseRate Base data set for cosmic dose rate calculation
ExampleData.SurfaceExposure Example OSL surface exposure dating data
RLum.Data-class Class "RLum.Data"
Risoe.BINfileData2RLum.Analysis Convert Risoe.BINfileData object to an RLum.Analysis object
ExampleData.XSYG Example data for a SAR OSL measurement and a TL spectrum using a lexsyg reader
RLum.Data.Curve-class Class "RLum.Data.Curve"
ExampleData.LxTxOSLData Example Lx and Tx curve data from an artificial OSL measurement
ExampleData.LxTxData Example Lx/Tx data from CW-OSL SAR measurement
analyse_IRSAR.RF Analyse IRSAR RF measurements
calc_IEU Apply the internal-external-uncertainty (IEU) model after Thomsen et al. (2007) to a given De distribution
Second2Gray Converting equivalent dose values from seconds (s) to gray (Gy)
ExampleData.RLum.Analysis Example data as RLum.Analysis objects
ExampleData.RLum.Data.Image Example data as RLum.Data.Image objects
RLum.Analysis-class Class "RLum.Analysis"
analyse_pIRIRSequence Analyse post-IR IRSL measurement sequences
ExampleData.portableOSL Example portable OSL curve data for the package Luminescence
ExampleData.Fading Example data for feldspar fading measurements
analyse_SAR.CWOSL Analyse SAR CW-OSL measurements
analyse_SAR.TL Analyse SAR TL measurements
analyse_portableOSL Analyse portable CW-OSL measurements
calc_CommonDose Apply the (un-)logged common age model after Galbraith et al. (1999) to a given De distribution
ExampleData.FittingLM Example data for fit_LMCurve() in the package Luminescence
calc_CosmicDoseRate Calculate the cosmic dose rate
RLum.Data.Image-class Class "RLum.Data.Image"
calc_MinDose Apply the (un-)logged minimum age model (MAM) after Galbraith et al. (1999) to a given De distribution
calc_Kars2008 Apply the Kars et al. (2008) model (deprecated)
RLum.Results-class Class "RLum.Results"
calc_TLLxTxRatio Calculate the Lx/Tx ratio for a given set of TL curves [beta version]
calc_ThermalLifetime Calculates the Thermal Lifetime using the Arrhenius equation
RLum.Data.Spectrum-class Class "RLum.Data.Spectrum"
calc_OSLLxTxRatio Calculate Lx/Tx ratio for CW-OSL curves
convert_RLum2Risoe.BINfileData Converts RLum.Analysis-objects and RLum.Data.Curve-objects to RLum2Risoe.BINfileData-objects
convert_Activity2Concentration Convert Nuclide Activities to Concentrations and Vice Versa
analyse_Al2O3C_CrossTalk Al2O3:C Reader Cross Talk Analysis
apply_EfficiencyCorrection Function to apply spectral efficiency correction to RLum.Data.Spectrum S4 class objects
Risoe.BINfileData-class Class "Risoe.BINfileData"
analyse_baSAR Bayesian models (baSAR) applied on luminescence data
as as() - RLum-object coercion
calc_FadingCorr Apply a fading correction according to Huntley & Lamothe (2001) for a given g-value and a given tc
calc_FastRatio Calculate the Fast Ratio for CW-OSL curves
app_RLum Run Luminescence shiny apps (wrapper)
analyse_Al2O3C_ITC Al2O3 Irradiation Time Correction Analysis
convert_BIN2CSV Export Risoe BIN-file(s) to CSV-files
GitHub-API GitHub API
Luminescence-package Comprehensive Luminescence Dating Data Analysis
PSL2Risoe.BINfileData Convert portable OSL data to an Risoe.BINfileData object
calc_SourceDoseRate Calculation of the source dose rate via the date of measurement
calc_AverageDose Calculate the Average Dose and the dose rate dispersion
calc_CentralDose Apply the central age model (CAM) after Galbraith et al. (1999) to a given De distribution
calc_Statistics Function to calculate statistic measures
calc_Lamothe2003 Apply fading correction after Lamothe et al., 2003
bin_RLum.Data Channel binning - method dispatchter
analyse_Al2O3C_Measurement Al2O3:C Passive Dosimeter Measurement Analysis
analyse_FadingMeasurement Analyse fading measurements and returns the fading rate per decade (g-value)
calc_MaxDose Apply the maximum age model to a given De distribution
calc_AliquotSize Estimate the amount of grains on an aliquot
calc_HomogeneityTest Apply a simple homogeneity test after Galbraith (2003)
calc_Huntley2006 Apply the Huntley (2006) model
calc_WodaFuchs2008 Obtain the equivalent dose using the approach by Woda and Fuchs 2008
fit_SurfaceExposure Nonlinear Least Squares Fit for OSL surface exposure data
convert_XSYG2CSV Export XSYG-file(s) to CSV-files
get_Layout Collection of layout definitions
fit_CWCurve Nonlinear Least Squares Fit for CW-OSL curves [beta version]
calc_gSGC Calculate De value based on the gSGC by Li et al., 2015
install_DevelopmentVersion Attempts to install the development version of the 'Luminescence' package
length_RLum General accessor function for RLum S4 class objects
extdata Collection of External Data
plot_KDE Plot kernel density estimate with statistics
extract_IrradiationTimes Extract Irradiation Times from an XSYG-file
merge_RLum.Analysis Merge function for RLum.Analysis S4 class objects
apply_CosmicRayRemoval Function to remove cosmic rays from an RLum.Data.Spectrum S4 class object
merge_RLum.Data.Curve Merge function for RLum.Data.Curve S4 class objects
plot_ViolinPlot Create a violin plot
get_Risoe.BINfileData General accessor function for RLum S4 class objects
fit_LMCurve Nonlinear Least Squares Fit for LM-OSL curves
plot_NRt Visualise natural/regenerated signal ratios
plot_DetPlot Create De(t) plot
convert_Daybreak2CSV Export measurement data produced by a Daybreak luminescence reader to CSV-files
convert_PSL2CSV Export PSL-file(s) to CSV-files
get_Quote Function to return essential quotes
get_rightAnswer Function to get the right answer
get_RLum General accessor function for RLum S4 class objects
read_BIN2R Import Risoe BIN-file into R
plot_AbanicoPlot Function to create an Abanico Plot.
calc_FiniteMixture Apply the finite mixture model (FMM) after Galbraith (2005) to a given De distribution
plot_FilterCombinations Plot filter combinations along with the (optional) net transmission window
replicate_RLum General replication function for RLum S4 class objects
plot_DRTResults Visualise dose recovery test results
calc_FuchsLang2001 Apply the model after Fuchs & Lang (2001) to a given De distribution.
plot_RLum.Data.Image Plot function for an RLum.Data.Image S4 class object
sTeve sTeve - sophisticated tool for efficient data validation and evaluation
plot_RLum.Data.Spectrum Plot function for an RLum.Data.Spectrum S4 class object
set_RLum General set function for RLum S4 class objects
merge_RLum General merge function for RLum S4 class objects
merge_RLum.Results Merge function for RLum.Results S4-class objects
model_LuminescenceSignals Model Luminescence Signals (wrapper)
report_RLum Create a HTML report for (RLum) objects
names_RLum S4-names function for RLum S4 class objects
plot_GrowthCurve Fit and plot a growth curve for luminescence data (Lx/Tx against dose)
plot_Histogram Plot a histogram with separate error plot
plot_RadialPlot Function to create a Radial Plot
plot_Risoe.BINfileData Plot single luminescence curves from a BIN file object
plot_RLum.Analysis Plot function for an RLum.Analysis S4 class object
plot_RLum.Data.Curve Plot function for an RLum.Data.Curve S4 class object
read_Daybreak2R Import measurement data produced by a Daybreak TL/OSL reader into R
read_SPE2R Import Princeton Intruments (TM) SPE-file into R
merge_Risoe.BINfileData Merge Risoe.BINfileData objects or Risoe BIN-files
methods_RLum methods_RLum
read_XSYG2R Import XSYG files to R
tune_Data Tune data for experimental purpose
use_DRAC Use DRAC to calculate dose rate data
write_R2BIN Export Risoe.BINfileData into Risoe BIN-file
verify_SingleGrainData Verify single grain data sets and check for invalid grains, i.e. zero-light level grains
plot_RLum General plot function for RLum S4 class objects
read_PSL2R Import PSL files to R
plot_RLum.Results Plot function for an RLum.Results S4 class object
set_Risoe.BINfileData General accessor function for RLum S4 class objects
structure_RLum General structure function for RLum S4 class objects
smooth_RLum Smoothing of data
template_DRAC Create a DRAC input data template (v1.2)
write_RLum2CSV Export RLum-objects to CSV
ExampleData.Al2O3C Example Al2O3:C Measurement Data
ExampleData.CW_OSL_Curve Example CW-OSL curve data for the package Luminescence
ExampleData.BINfileData Example data from a SAR OSL and SAR TL measurement for the package Luminescence
ExampleData.DeValues Example De data sets for the package Luminescence
Analyse_SAR.OSLdata Analyse SAR CW-OSL measurements.
CW2pLMi Transform a CW-OSL curve into a pLM-OSL curve via interpolation under linear modulation conditions
CW2pPMi Transform a CW-OSL curve into a pPM-OSL curve via interpolation under parabolic modulation conditions
CW2pHMi Transform a CW-OSL curve into a pHM-OSL curve via interpolation under hyperbolic modulation conditions
CW2pLM Transform a CW-OSL curve into a pLM-OSL curve
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Type Package
Date 2018-10-05
Contact Package Developers
License GPL-3
LinkingTo Rcpp (>= 0.12.15), RcppArmadillo (>= 0.8.300.1.0)
VignetteBuilder R.rsp
Encoding UTF-8
Collate 'Analyse_SAR.OSLdata.R' 'CW2pHMi.R' 'CW2pLM.R' 'CW2pLMi.R' 'CW2pPMi.R' 'Luminescence-package.R' 'PSL2Risoe.BINfileData.R' 'RcppExports.R' 'replicate_RLum.R' 'RLum-class.R' 'smooth_RLum.R' 'names_RLum.R' 'structure_RLum.R' 'length_RLum.R' 'set_RLum.R' 'get_RLum.R' 'RLum.Analysis-class.R' 'RLum.Data-class.R' 'bin_RLum.Data.R' 'RLum.Data.Curve-class.R' 'RLum.Data.Image-class.R' 'RLum.Data.Spectrum-class.R' 'RLum.Results-class.R' 'Risoe.BINfileData2RLum.Analysis.R' 'Risoe.BINfileData2RLum.Data.Curve.R' 'set_Risoe.BINfileData.R' 'get_Risoe.BINfileData.R' 'RisoeBINfileData-class.R' 'Second2Gray.R' 'addins_RLum.R' 'analyse_Al2O3C_CrossTalk.R' 'analyse_Al2O3C_ITC.R' 'analyse_Al2O3C_Measurement.R' 'analyse_FadingMeasurement.R' 'analyse_IRSAR.RF.R' 'analyse_SAR.CWOSL.R' 'analyse_SAR.TL.R' 'analyse_baSAR.R' 'analyse_pIRIRSequence.R' 'analyse_portableOSL.R' 'app_RLum.R' 'apply_CosmicRayRemoval.R' 'apply_EfficiencyCorrection.R' 'calc_AliquotSize.R' 'calc_AverageDose.R' 'calc_CentralDose.R' 'calc_CommonDose.R' 'calc_CosmicDoseRate.R' 'calc_FadingCorr.R' 'calc_FastRatio.R' 'calc_FiniteMixture.R' 'calc_FuchsLang2001.R' 'calc_HomogeneityTest.R' 'calc_Huntley2006.R' 'calc_IEU.R' 'calc_Kars2008.R' 'calc_Lamothe2003.R' 'calc_MaxDose.R' 'calc_MinDose.R' 'calc_OSLLxTxRatio.R' 'calc_SourceDoseRate.R' 'calc_Statistics.R' 'calc_TLLxTxRatio.R' 'calc_ThermalLifetime.R' 'calc_WodaFuchs2008.R' 'calc_gSGC.R' 'convert_Activity2Concentration.R' 'convert_BIN2CSV.R' 'convert_Daybreak2CSV.R' 'convert_PSL2CSV.R' 'convert_RLum2Risoe.BINfileData.R' 'convert_XSYG2CSV.R' 'extract_IrradiationTimes.R' 'fit_CWCurve.R' 'fit_LMCurve.R' 'fit_SurfaceExposure.R' 'get_Layout.R' 'get_Quote.R' 'get_rightAnswer.R' 'github.R' 'install_DevelopmentVersion.R' 'internal_as.latex.table.R' 'internals_RLum.R' 'merge_RLum.Analysis.R' 'merge_RLum.Data.Curve.R' 'merge_RLum.R' 'merge_RLum.Results.R' 'merge_Risoe.BINfileData.R' 'methods_DRAC.R' 'methods_RLum.R' 'model_LuminescenceSignals.R' 'plot_AbanicoPlot.R' 'plot_DRTResults.R' 'plot_DetPlot.R' 'plot_FilterCombinations.R' 'plot_GrowthCurve.R' 'plot_Histogram.R' 'plot_KDE.R' 'plot_NRt.R' 'plot_RLum.Analysis.R' 'plot_RLum.Data.Curve.R' 'plot_RLum.Data.Image.R' 'plot_RLum.Data.Spectrum.R' 'plot_RLum.R' 'plot_RLum.Results.R' 'plot_RadialPlot.R' 'plot_Risoe.BINfileData.R' 'plot_ViolinPlot.R' 'read_BIN2R.R' 'read_Daybreak2R.R' 'read_PSL2R.R' 'read_SPE2R.R' 'read_XSYG2R.R' 'report_RLum.R' 'template_DRAC.R' 'tune_Data.R' 'use_DRAC.R' 'utils_DRAC.R' 'verify_SingleGrainData.R' 'write_R2BIN.R' 'write_RLum2CSV.R' 'zzz.R'
RoxygenNote 6.1.0
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2018-10-04 07:37:23 UTC; kreutzer
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-10-05 10:02:17 UTC

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