Luminescence (version 0.8.6)

plot_Risoe.BINfileData: Plot single luminescence curves from a BIN file object


Plots single luminescence curves from an object returned by the read_BIN2R function.


plot_Risoe.BINfileData(BINfileData, position, run, set,
  sorter = "POSITION", ltype = c("IRSL", "OSL", "TL", "RIR", "RBR",
  "RL"), curve.transformation, dose_rate, temp.lab, = 1, ...)



'>Risoe.BINfileData (required): requires an S4 object returned by the read_BIN2R function.


vector (optional): option to limit the plotted curves by position (e.g. position = 1, position = c(1,3,5)).


vector (optional): option to limit the plotted curves by run (e.g., run = 1, run = c(1,3,5)).


vector (optional): option to limit the plotted curves by set (e.g., set = 1, set = c(1,3,5)).


character (with default): the plot output can be ordered by "POSITION","SET" or "RUN". POSITION, SET and RUN are options defined in the Risoe Sequence Editor.


character (with default): option to limit the plotted curves by the type of luminescence stimulation. Allowed values: "IRSL", "OSL","TL", "RIR", "RBR" (corresponds to LM-OSL), "RL". All type of curves are plotted by default.


character (optional): allows transforming CW-OSL and CW-IRSL curves to pseudo-LM curves via transformation functions. Allowed values are: CW2pLM, CW2pLMi, CW2pHMi and CW2pPMi. See details.


numeric (optional): dose rate of the irradition source at the measurement date. If set, the given irradiation dose will be shown in Gy. See details.


character (optional): option to allow for different temperature units. If no value is set deg. C is chosen.

numeric (with default): global scaling factor.


further undocumented plot arguments.


Returns a plot.

Function version

0.4.1 (2018-01-21 17:22:38)

How to cite

Kreutzer, S., Dietze, M. (2018). plot_Risoe.BINfileData(): Plot single luminescence curves from a BIN file object. Function version 0.4.1. In: Kreutzer, S., Burow, C., Dietze, M., Fuchs, M.C., Schmidt, C., Fischer, M., Friedrich, J. (2018). Luminescence: Comprehensive Luminescence Dating Data Analysis. R package version 0.8.6.



See '>Risoe.BINfileData


This argument allows transforming continuous wave (CW) curves to pseudo (linear) modulated curves. For the transformation, the functions of the package are used. Currently, it is not possible to pass further arguments to the transformation functions. The argument works only for ltype OSL and IRSL.

Irradiation time

Plotting the irradiation time (s) or the given dose (Gy) requires that the variable IRR_TIME has been set within the BIN-file. This is normally done by using the 'Run Info' option within the Sequence Editor or by editing in R.


Duller, G., 2007. Analyst. pp. 1-45.

See Also

'>Risoe.BINfileData,read_BIN2R, CW2pLM, CW2pLMi, CW2pPMi, CW2pHMi


##load data
data(ExampleData.BINfileData, envir = environment())

##plot all curves from the first position to the desktop
#pdf(file = "~/Desktop/CurveOutput.pdf", paper = "a4", height = 11, onefile = TRUE)

##example - load from *.bin file
#BINfile<- file.choose()

#par(mfrow = c(4,3), oma = c(0.5,1,0.5,1))
#plot_Risoe.BINfileData(CWOSL.SAR.Data,position = 1)
#mtext(side = 4, BINfile, outer = TRUE, col = "blue", cex = .7)

# }