Luminescence (version 0.8.6)

plot_ViolinPlot: Create a violin plot


Draws a kernal densiy plot in combination with a boxplot in its middle. The shape of the violin is constructed using a mirrored density curve. This plot is especially designed for cases where the individual errors are zero or to small to be visualised. The idea for this plot is based on the the 'volcano plot' in the ggplot2 package by Hadely Wickham and Winston Chang. The general idea for the Violin Plot seems to be introduced by Hintze and Nelson (1998).


plot_ViolinPlot(data, boxplot = TRUE, rug = TRUE, summary = NULL,
  summary.pos = "sub", na.rm = TRUE, ...)



numeric or '>RLum.Results (required): input data for plotting. Alternatively a data.frame or a matrix can be provided, but only the first column will be considered by the function


logical (with default): enable or disable boxplot


logical (with default): enable or disable rug


character (optional): add statistic measures of centrality and dispersion to the plot. Can be one or more of several keywords. See details for available keywords.


numeric or character (with default): optional position keywords (cf., legend) for the statistical summary. Alternatively, the keyword "sub" may be specified to place the summary below the plot header. However, this latter option in only possible if mtext is not used.


logical (with default): exclude NA values from the data set prior to any further operations.


further arguments and graphical parameters passed to plot.default, stats::density and boxplot. See details for further information

Function version

0.1.4 (2018-01-21 17:22:38)

How to cite

Kreutzer, S. (2018). plot_ViolinPlot(): Create a violin plot. Function version 0.1.4. In: Kreutzer, S., Burow, C., Dietze, M., Fuchs, M.C., Schmidt, C., Fischer, M., Friedrich, J. (2018). Luminescence: Comprehensive Luminescence Dating Data Analysis. R package version 0.8.6.


The function is passing several arguments to the function plot, stats::density, graphics::boxplot:

Supported arguments are: xlim, main, xlab, ylab, col.violin, col.boxplot, mtext, cex, mtext

Valid summary keywords

'n', 'mean', 'median', 'sd.abs', 'sd.rel', 'se.abs', 'se.rel'. 'skewness', 'kurtosis'


Daniel Adler (2005). vioplot: A violin plot is a combination of a box plot and a kernel density plot. R package version 0.2

Hintze, J.L., Nelson, R.D., 1998. A Box Plot-Density Trace Synergism. The American Statistician 52, 181-184.

Raphael W. Majeed (2012). violinmplot: Combination of violin plot with mean and standard deviation. R package version 0.2.1.

Wickham. H (2009). ggplot2: elegant graphics for data analysis. Springer New York.

See Also

stats::density, plot, boxplot, rug, calc_Statistics


## read example data set
data(ExampleData.DeValues, envir = environment())
ExampleData.DeValues <- Second2Gray(ExampleData.DeValues$BT998, c(0.0438,0.0019))

## create plot straightforward
plot_ViolinPlot(data = ExampleData.DeValues)

# }