Luminescence (version 0.8.6)

read_PSL2R: Import PSL files to R


Imports PSL files produced by a SUERC portable OSL reader into R (BETA).


read_PSL2R(file, drop_bg = FALSE, as_decay_curve = TRUE,
  smooth = FALSE, merge = FALSE, ...)



character (required): path and file name of the PSL file. If input is a vector it should comprise only characters representing valid paths and PSL file names. Alternatively the input character can be just a directory (path). In this case the the function tries to detect and import all PSL files found in the directory.


logical (with default): TRUE to automatically remove all non-OSL/IRSL curves.


logical (with default): Portable OSL Reader curves are often given as cumulative light sum curves. Use TRUE (default) to convert the curves to the more usual decay form.


logical (with default): TRUE to apply Tukey's Running Median Smoothing for OSL and IRSL decay curves. Smoothing is encouraged if you see random signal drops within the decay curves related to hardware errors.


logical (with default): TRUE to merge all RLum.Analysis objects. Only applicable if multiple files are imported.


currently not used.


Returns an S4 '>RLum.Analysis object containing '>RLum.Data.Curve objects for each curve.

Function version

0.0.1 (2018-01-21 17:22:38)

How to cite

Burow, C. (2018). read_PSL2R(): Import PSL files to R. Function version 0.0.1. In: Kreutzer, S., Burow, C., Dietze, M., Fuchs, M.C., Schmidt, C., Fischer, M., Friedrich, J. (2018). Luminescence: Comprehensive Luminescence Dating Data Analysis. R package version 0.8.6.


This function provides an import routine for the SUERC portable OSL Reader PSL format. PSL files are just plain text and can be viewed with any text editor. Due to the formatting of PSL files this import function relies heavily on regular expression to find and extract all relevant information. See note.

See Also

'>RLum.Analysis, '>RLum.Data.Curve, '>RLum.Data.Curve


# (1) Import PSL file to R

file <- system.file("extdata", "DorNie_0016.psl", package = "Luminescence")
psl <- read_PSL2R(file, drop_bg = FALSE, as_decay_curve = TRUE, smooth = TRUE, merge = FALSE)
print(str(psl, max.level = 3))
plot(psl, combine = TRUE)

# }