Compressed, sparse, column-oriented numeric matrices

The dgCMatrix class is a class of sparse numeric matrices in the compressed, sparse, column-oriented format. In this implementation the non-zero elements in the columns are sorted into increasing row order.

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Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("dgCMatrix", ...) or often more easily via Matrix(*, sparse = TRUE).

See Also

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(m <- Matrix(c(0,0,2:0), 3,5))
Documentation reproduced from package Matrix, version 0.99-3, License: GPL version 2 or later. This R package includes code from the Metis package and from NIST. This code is covered by separate copyrights; see the file Copyrights for details. This R package includes code from the University of Florida sparse matrix library maintained by Tim Davis. All sections of that code are covered by the GPL or LGPL licenses. See the directory UFsparse for details.

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