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by Douglas Bates

A Matrix package for R

Classes and methods for numerical linear algebra using Lapack, LDL, and Metis.

Functions in Matrix

Name Description
LU-class LU Matrix Decompositions
dgCMatrix-class Compressed, sparse, column-oriented numeric matrices
dtrMatrix-class Triangular, dense, numeric matrices
VarCorr Extract variance and correlation components
triangularMatrix-class Virtual Class of Triangular Matrices in package:Matrix
norm Norm of a Matrix
Cholesky-class Cholesky and Bunch-Kaufman Decompositions
expand Expand a Decomposition into Factors
[<--methods Methods for "[
CsparseMatrix-class Class "CsparseMatrix" of Sparse Matrices in Column-compressed Form
[-methods Methods for "[": Extraction or Subsetting in Package 'Matrix'
Matrix Construct a Classed Matrix
externalFormats Read and write external matrix formats
lu Triangular Decomposition of a Square Matrix
Schur Schur Decomposition of a Matrix
dsRMatrix-class Symmetric Sparse Compressed Row Matrices
BIC Bayesian Information Criterion
TsparseMatrix-class Class "TsparseMatrix" of Sparse Matrices in Triplet Form
dpoMatrix-class Positive Semi-definite Dense Numeric Matrices
fixef Extract Fixed Effects
ddenseMatrix-class Virtual Class "ddenseMatrix" of Numeric Dense Matrices
dtpMatrix-class Packed triangular dense matrices
bCrosstab Create pairwise crosstabulation
sparseMatrix-class Virtual Class "sparseMatrix" --- Mother of Sparse Matrices
dgRMatrix-class Compressed, sparse, row-oriented numeric matrices
VarCorr-class Class "VarCorr"
Unused-classes Virtual Classes Not Yet Used
dCholCMatrix-class Cholesky Decompositions of dsCMatrix Objects
pMatrix-class Permutation matrices
dgeMatrix-class Class "dgeMatrix" of Dense Numeric (S4 Class) Matrices
ltrMatrix-class Triangular Dense Logical Matrices
dgTMatrix-class Sparse matrices in triplet form
lmer Fit (Generalized) Linear Mixed-Effects Models
sleepstudy Reaction times in a sleep deprivation study
lgeMatrix-class Class "lgeMatrix" of General Dense Logical Matrices
y A sample response vector
dsparseMatrix-class Virtual Class "dsparseMatrix" of Numeric Sparse Matrices
expm Matrix exponential
Hilbert Generate a Hilbert matrix
dMatrix-class (Virtual) Class "dMatrix" of "double" Matrices
mm A sample sparse model matrix
lsparseMatrix-classes Sparse logical matrices
dsyMatrix-class Symmetric Dense Numeric Matrices
pdmatrix-class Positive-definite matrices
lsyMatrix-class Symmetric Dense Logical Matrices
ldenseMatrix-class Virtual Class "ldenseMatrix" of Dense Logical Matrices
rcond Estimate the Reciprocal Condition Number
ranef Extract Random Effects
mcmcsamp Generate an MCMC sample
facmul Multiplication by Decomposition Factors
denseMatrix-class Virtual Class "denseMatrix" of All Dense Matrices
dsCMatrix-class Numeric Symmetric Sparse (column compressed) Matrices
dgBCMatrix-class Class "dgBCMatrix" Real Sparse Blocked Column Compressed Matrix
tcrossprod Cross-product of transpose
corrmatrix-class Class "corrmatrix"
symmetricMatrix-class Virtual Class of Symmetric Matrices in package:Matrix
Matrix-class Virtual Class "Matrix" Class of Matrices
dtCMatrix-class Triangular, (compressed) sparse column matrices
lmer-class Mixed model representations
index-class Virtual Class "index" - Simple Class for Matrix Indices
unpack Full Storage Representation of Packed Matrices
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Date 2005-12-12
SystemRequirements GNU make
LazyLoad yes
LazyData yes
License GPL version 2 or later. This R package includes code from the Metis package and from NIST. This code is covered by separate copyrights; see the file Copyrights for details. This R package includes code from the University of Florida sparse matrix library maintained by Tim Davis. All sections of that code are covered by the GPL or LGPL licenses. See the directory UFsparse for details.
Packaged Mon Dec 12 15:05:15 2005; maechler

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