RBGL v1.48.1

An interface to the BOOST graph library

A fairly extensive and comprehensive interface to the graph algorithms contained in the BOOST library.

Functions in RBGL

Name Description
astarSearch Compute astarSearch for a graph
dijkstra.sp Dijkstra's shortest paths using boost C++
isStraightLineDrawing isStraightLineDrawing
betweenness.centrality.clustering Graph clustering based on edge betweenness centrality
johnson.all.pairs.sp compute shortest path distance matrix for all pairs of nodes
mstree.prim Compute minimum spanning tree for an undirected graph
strongComp Identify Strongly Connected Components
extractPath convert a dijkstra.sp predecessor structure into the path joining two nodes
RBGL.overview RBGL.overview
makeBiconnectedPlanar makeBiconnectedPlanar
sequential.vertex.coloring Compute a vertex coloring for a graph
clusteringCoefAppr Approximate clustering coefficient for an undirected graph
bandwidth Compute bandwidth for an undirected graph
connectedComp Identify Connected Components in an Undirected Graph
boyerMyrvoldPlanarityTest boyerMyrvoldPlanarityTest
is.triangulated Decide if a graph is triangulated
planarFaceTraversal planarFaceTraversal
graphGenerator Generate an undirected graph with adjustable clustering coefficient
Ordering Compute vertex ordering for an undirected graph
max.flow Compute max flow for a directed graph
planarCanonicalOrdering planarCanonicalOrdering
isKuratowskiSubgraph isKuratowskiSubgraph
removeSelfLoops remove self loops in a graph
makeMaximalPlanar makeMaximalPlanar
maxClique Find all the cliques in a graph
minimumCycleRatio minimumCycleRatio
RBGL-defunct Defunct Functions in Package RBGL
biConnComp Compute biconnected components for a graph
mstree.kruskal Kruskal's minimum spanning tree in boost
sp.between Dijkstra's shortest paths using boost C++
bfs Breadth and Depth-first search
edgeConnectivity computed edge connectivity and min disconnecting set for an undirected graph
isomorphism Compute isomorphism from vertices in one graph to those in another graph
kCores Find all the k-cores in a graph
lambdaSets Find all the lambda-sets in an undirected graph
transitivity Calculate transitivity for an undirected graph
layout Layout an undirected graph in 2D -- suspended june 16 2012
tsort topological sort of vertices of a digraph
transitive.closure Compute transitive closure of a directed graph
edmondsMaxCardinalityMatching edmondsMaxCardinalityMatching
dag.sp DAG shortest paths using boost C++
gprofile Compute profile for a graph
incremental.components Compute connected components for an undirected graph
wavefront Compute the i-th/max/average/rms wavefront for a graph
maximumCycleRatio maximumCycleRatio
FileDep FileDep: a graphNEL object representing a file dependency dataset example in boost graph library
bellman.ford.sp Bellman-Ford shortest paths using boost C++
chrobakPayneStraightLineDrawing chrobakPayneStraightLineDrawing
edmondsOptimumBranching edmondsOptimumBranching
highlyConnSG Compute highly connected subgraphs for an undirected graph
floyd.warshall.all.pairs.sp compute shortest paths for all pairs of nodes
sloanStartEndVertices sloanStartEndVertices
separates A function to test whether a subset of nodes separates two other subsets of nodes.
brandes.betweenness.centrality Compute betweenness centrality for an undirected graph
dominatorTree Compute dominator tree from a vertex in a directed graph
kCliques Find all the k-cliques in an undirected graph
makeConnected makeConnected
minCut Compute min-cut for an undirected graph
clusteringCoef Calculate clustering coefficient for an undirected graph
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