RGoogleDocs v0.7-0

by Duncan Lang

Primitive interface to Google Documents from R

This package provides an initial, elementary interface to Google's Document API for word processing and spreadsheet documents. One needs a Google login and password and then one can list, download, delete and upload documents to the Google account. There are facilities for accessing the contents of spreadsheets and querying for elements such as images, links, comments and section titles of word processing documents.

Functions in RGoogleDocs

Name Description
getGoogleDocsConnection Connect to Google Documents server
comments Query elements of word processing document
GoogleDocument-class Details for a Google Document
moveToFolder Move a document to a folder
DocTypeExtensions Collection of extension and MIME-type pairs for Google Documents
addWorksheet Add an empty worksheet to a spreadsheet or a new spreadsheet
GoogleWorksheetRef-class Description of a remote Google Worksheet
getDocs Get a list of available documents
getWorksheets Access the contents of a spreadsheet
addFolder Create and list the contents of a folder
publicWorksheet Create reference to a public Google document
searchDocs Search for text in Google Documents
removeDoc Remove a document from a Google Docs account
setAccess Query and modify the Access Control List
readDoc Get the contents of a Google Document
uploadDoc Add or remove a document
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Note There is now R documentation for the functions in the package. There is a brief "users guide" in inst/doc/run.pdf (and inst/doc/run.html). And the document inst/doc/basics.pdf gives more details about the low-level interaction with Google's API.
License BSD
depends methods
imports RCurl , XML
Contributors Duncan Lang

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