A tree-like data structure that can be used with the GtkTreeView

Methods and Functions

gtkTreeStoreNew(...) gtkTreeStoreNewv(types) gtkTreeStoreSetColumnTypes(object, types) gtkTreeStoreSetValue(object, iter, column, value) gtkTreeStoreSet(object, iter, ...) gtkTreeStoreSetValuesv(object, iter, columns, values) gtkTreeStoreRemove(object, iter) gtkTreeStoreInsert(object, parent = NULL, position) gtkTreeStoreInsertBefore(object, parent, sibling) gtkTreeStoreInsertAfter(object, parent, sibling) gtkTreeStoreInsertWithValues(object, parent, position, ...) gtkTreeStoreInsertWithValuesv(object, parent, position, columns, values) gtkTreeStorePrepend(object, parent = NULL) gtkTreeStoreAppend(object, parent = NULL) gtkTreeStoreIsAncestor(object, iter, descendant) gtkTreeStoreIterDepth(object, iter) gtkTreeStoreClear(object) gtkTreeStoreIterIsValid(object, iter) gtkTreeStoreReorder(object, parent, new.order) gtkTreeStoreSwap(object, a, b) gtkTreeStoreMoveBefore(object, iter, position = NULL) gtkTreeStoreMoveAfter(object, iter, position = NULL) gtkTreeStore(..., types)




GtkTreeStore implements GtkTreeModel, GtkTreeDragSource, GtkTreeDragDest, GtkTreeSortable and GtkBuildable.

Detailed Description

The GtkTreeStore object is a list model for use with a GtkTreeView widget. It implements the GtkTreeModel interface, and consequentialy, can use all of the methods available there. It also implements the GtkTreeSortable interface so it can be sorted by the view. Finally, it also implements the tree drag and drop interfaces.

GtkTreeStore as GtkBuildable

The GtkTreeStore implementation of the GtkBuildable interface allows to specify the model columns with a element that may contain multiple elements, each specifying one model column. The "type" attribute specifies the data type for the column. A UI Definition fragment for a tree store



Convenient Construction

gtkTreeStore is the result of collapsing the constructors of GtkTreeStore (gtkTreeStoreNew, gtkTreeStoreNewv) and accepts a subset of its arguments matching the required arguments of one of its delegate constructors.


See Also

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