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Robust Sparse K-Means

This RSKC package contains a function RSKC which runs the robust sparse K-means clustering algorithm.

Functions in RSKC

Name Description
Sensitivity Compute the sensitivities (probability of true positive) of each cluster
CER Classification Error Rate (CER)
DutchUtility Multiple Features Data Set of Robert P.W. Duin.
optd Optical Recognition of Handwritten Digits of Frank A, Asuncion A (2010).
Clest An implementation of Clest with robust sparse K-means. CER is used as a similarity measure.
DBWorld E-mails from DBWorld mailing list
RSKC-internal Internal RSKC functions
revisedsil The revised silhouette
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Type Package
Date 2016-08-11
License GPL (>= 2)
LazyLoad yes
LazyData yes
Repository CRAN
Packaged 2016-08-27 21:58:32 UTC; yumikondo
Date/Publication 2016-08-28 07:35:26
NeedsCompilation yes

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