RUVSeq v1.6.2

by Davide Risso

Remove Unwanted Variation from RNA-Seq Data

This package implements the remove unwanted variation (RUV) methods of Risso et al. (2014) for the normalization of RNA-Seq read counts between samples.


R package: RUVSeq

This is the developer version of the Bioconductor package RUVSeq. Install in R as:



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Issues and bug reports

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Functions in RUVSeq

Name Description
RUVs-methods Remove Unwanted Variation Using Replicate/Negative Control Samples
RUVSeq-package Remove Unwanted Variation from RNA-Seq Data
makeGroups Make a matrix suitable for use with RUVSeq methods such as RUVs.
RUVg-methods Remove Unwanted Variation Using Control Genes
residuals.DGEGLM Deviance and Pearson Residuals for the Negative Binomial Model of edgeR
RUVr-methods Remove Unwanted Variation Using Residuals
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Date 04-15-2014
VignetteBuilder knitr
License Artistic-2.0
LazyLoad yes
biocViews DifferentialExpression, Preprocessing, RNASeq, Software

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