RWebServices v1.36.0

by Martin Morgan

Expose R functions as web services through Java/Axis/Apache

This package provides mechanisms for automatic function prototyping and exposure of R functionality in a web services environment.

Functions in RWebServices

Name Description
printLookup Print R-Java data type mapping information
RJavaPkgFunctions-class Java signatures derived from R methods
generateDataTest Create a Java program to test R - Java data type mapping
SinkOutput-class Results captured by calls to sinkSetup and sinkRetrieve
converters Convert between R objects and their Java representation.
createMap Create Java function signatures from R functions
unpackAntScript Unpack script for building, testing, and installing packages.
ArrayAndMatrix-class Class "NumericMatrix" and friends
Test utilities Utilities for facilitating data and method tests
retrieve-methods Retrieve file references from remote locations
generateFunctionMap Create java wrapper functions for a list of R functions
sinkSetup, sinkRetrieve Capture and retrieve screen output
getRSessionInfo Report R session information in a web-services friendly format.
RJavaSignature-class String representations of R type signatures from R functions
RWebServices-package Expose R functions as web services through Java/Axis/Apache
generateDataMap Create java beans and mapping functions for a R data type
register-converters Load R - Java data converters.
FileReferences FileReferences constructor and accessors
FileReferences-class Class "FileReferences"
typeInfo2Java Create Java-like function signatures from R functions
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Type Package
License file LICENSE
License_restricts_use no
biocViews Infrastructure
PackageStatus Deprecated

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