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Simulation and Analysis of Random Fields

Simulation of Gaussian and extreme value random fields; conditional simulation; kriging

Functions in RandomFields

Name Description
EmpiricalVariogram Empirical (Semi-)Variogram
DeleteRegister Deleting Intermediate Results
Papers Code used in the papers co-authored by M. Schlather
Sophisticated Models Sophicated Covariance And Variogram Models
parampositions Position of the parameters
RandomFields Simulation and Analysis of Random Fields
regression Regression plot
MaxStableRF Max-Stable Random Fields
CheckXT Internal functions -- do not use them directly
PrintModelList Information about the implemented covariance models
GetPracticalRange Determination of the practical range
RFparameters Control Parameters
Kriging Kriging methods
host System calls
fitvario LSQ and Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Random Field Parameters
eval.parameters Interactive menu
GetRegisterInfo Internal information
ShowModels Interactive Choice of Models and Parameters
RFMethods Simulation Techniques
Changings Changings
CovarianceFct Basic Covariance And Variogram Models
Locator Graphical Input
useraction Set input behaviour
userinput General input function
getactions Get input behaviour
SimulateRF Simulation of Random Fields
soil Soil data of North Bavaria, Germany
CondSimu Conditional Simulation
fractal.dim fractal dimension
parameter.range Range of model specific parameters
hurst Hurst coefficient
weather Pressure and temperature forecast errors over the Pacific Northwest
sleep.milli Sleep
FileExists Files
Dev Choosing the device
Print Nice print function returning also the names automatically
Readline Read a Line
GaussRF Gaussian Random Fields
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License GPL (>= 2)
URL http://ms.math.uni-mannheim.de
Packaged 2013-11-28 08:02:02 UTC; schlather
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2013-11-28 11:29:03
NeedsCompilation yes

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