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Simulation and Analysis of Random Fields

Methods for the inference on and the simulation of Gaussian fields are provided, as well as methods for the simulation of extreme value random fields.

Functions in RandomFields

Name Description
Obsolete Functions Obsolete functions
Internal functions Internal functions
Coordinate systems Coordinate systems
Changings Documentation of some further changings
conventional2RFspDataFrame Coercion to class 'RFsp' objects
jss14 Covariance models for multivariate and vector valued fields
papers Papers involving RandomFields and co-authored by M. Schlather
Brown-Resnick-Specific Simulation methods for Brown-Resnick processes
Hierarchical Modelling Bayesian Spatial Modelling
GSPSJ06 Fast and Exact Simulation of Large Gaussian Lattice Systems in R2
RFfunction Evaluation operators (RF commands)
RFboxcox Linear part of RMmodel
SS12 Covariance Models for Random Vector Fields
SBS14 Systematic co-occurrence of tail correlation functions among max-stable processes
S10 On some covariance models based on normal scale mixtures
PrintModelList Information about the implemented covariance models
S02 Models for stationary max-stable random fields
Mathematial C functions Transformation of coordinate systems
RFempiricalvariogram Empirical (Cross-)Variogram
RFempVariog-class Class RFempVariog
RFfitoptimiser Optimisers for fitting model parameters to spatial data
RFfractaldim RFfractaldimension
RFcov Evaluate Covariance and Variogram Functions
RFfit-class Class RFfit
RFdistr Evaluating distribution families
RFhurst Hurst coefficient
RFfit Fitting model parameters to spatial data (regionalised variables) and to linear (mixed) models
RFinterpolate Interpolation methods
RFsp-class Class RFsp
RFspatialPointsDataFrame-class Class "RFspatialPointsDataFrame"
RMcauchytbm Modifications of the Cauchy Family Covariance Model
RMcircular Circular Covariance Model
RFgetModelNames Names of implemented covariance and variogram models
RFgetModelInfo Information on RMmodels
RFsimulate.more.examples Further Examples for the Simulation of Random Fields
RFsimulate Simulation of Random Fields
RMfixcov Fixed Covariance Matrix
RMfractdiff Fractionally Differenced Process Model
RandomFields-package Simulation and Analysis of Random Fields
Constants Constants used in RandomFields (RC constants)
RFgetMethodNames Simulation Techniques
RFlinearpart Linear part of RMmodel
RFgetModel Internally stored model
RFloglikelihood Likelihood and estimation of linear models
RMdagum Dagum Covariance Model Family
RMconstant Covariance Matrix Constant in Space
RMdampedcos Exponentially Damped Cosine
RMgneiting Gneiting Covariance Model
RMgengneiting Gneiting-Wendland Covariance Models
RMmodelgenerator-class Class RMmodelgenerator
RMcoord Coordinates in the mixed model representation
RMmodelsAdvanced Advanced features of the mdoels
RMgencauchy Generalized Cauchy Family Covariance Model
RMgenfbm Generalized Fractal Brownian Motion Variogram Model
RMnonstwm RMnonstwm
RMnatsc Natural scale
RMuser User Defined Function
RMintern Internal models
RMwave Wave Covariance Model / Cardinal Sine
Max-stable random fields Simulation of Max-Stable Random Fields
RMma Ma operator
RMmodelsNonstationary Nonstationary features of the mdoels
RMmastein Ma-Stein operator
RMintexp Integral exponential operator
RMmodelsSpacetime Space-time Covariance Models
RMqam Quasi-arithmetic mean
Max-stable random fields, advanced Simulation examples of advanced Max-Stable Random Fields
RPpoisson Simulation of Random Fields
ExtremalGaussian Extremal Gaussian process
Trend Modelling Trend Modelling
RMsinepower The Sinepower Covariance Model on the Sphere
RMmppplus Mixture of shape functions
BrownResnick Brown-Resnick process
RMspheric The Spherical Covariance Model
RPchi2 Simulation of a Chi2 Random Fields
RFgridDataFrame-class Class RFgridDataFrame
RFgui Graphical User Interface For Fitting Covariance Models And Variograms
RFsimulate.sophisticated.examples Sophisticated Examples for the Simulation of Random Fields
RFsimulateAdvanced Simulation of Random Fields -- Advanced
RMbcw Model bridging stationary and intrinsically stationary processes
RMbernoulli Covariance Model for binary field based on a Gaussian field
RMdewijsian Modified DeWijsian Variogram Model
RMsign Random sign
RMsum Plain scalar product
Strokorb's Functions Tail correlation function of the Brown-Resnick process
RPt Simulation of a T Random Fields
Tbm Turning Bands method
RRrectangular Random scaling used with balls
RRdeterm Random scaling used with balls
RRspheric Random scaling used with balls
RFpar Graphical parameters for plots
RRgauss Random scaling used with balls
RFpointsDataFrame-class Class RFpointsDataFrame
RMball RMball
RMave Space-time moving average model
RMexp Exponential Covariance Model
RMmodel-class Class RMmodel
RMeaxxa Special models for rotation like fields
RMhyperbolic Generalized Hyperbolic Covariance Model
RMepscauchy Generalized Cauchy Family Covariance Model
RMkolmogorov Identical Model
RMlgd Local-Global Distinguisher Family Covariance Model
RMid Identical Model
RMmult Multiplication of Random Field Models
RMmultiquad The Multiquadric Family Covariance Model on th Sphere
RMpower Power operator for Variograms and Covariance functions
RMtbm Turning Bands Method
RMtrafo Transformation of coordinate systems
RMprod Plain scalar product
RPgauss Simulation of Gaussian Random Fields
Hyperplane Hyperplane method
Specific Methods that are specific to certain covariance models
RMmodelFit-class Class "RMmodelFit"
RMtruncsupport Random sign
RMtrend Trend Model
RMpenta Penta Covariance Model
RMplus Addition of Random Field Models
RPprocess Models for classes of random fields (RP commands)
RFoptionsAdvanced Setting control arguments of RandomFields -- advanced examples
RFoldstyle RFoldstyle
RMmodels Overview Overview over classes of RMmodels
RMbessel Bessel Family Covariance Model
RMangle Anisotropy matrix given by angle
RMcauchy Cauchy Family Covariance Model
Spectral Spectral turning bands method
RMcovariate Model for covariates
weather Pressure and temperature forecast errors over the Pacific Northwest
sp2RF Transformation of an 'sp' object to an 'RFsp' object
RMfractgauss Fractal Gaussian Model Family
RMcubic Cubic Covariance Model
RMwhittlematern Whittle-Matern Covariance Model
RMgauss Gaussian Covariance Model
RMmatrix Matrix operator
RMpolygon RMpolygon
Others Auxiliary and other Models
RMpolynome Creating poylonmial models
RMmodelsMultivariate Multivariate models
RPbernoulli Simulation of Binary Random Fields
Extremal t Extremal t process
Independent Variables Method to simulate the Nugget effect
RRunif Random scaling used with balls
RMstable Stable Family / Powered Exponential Model
soil Soil data of North Bavaria, Germany
Coins Random coin method
RMstein Stein nonseparable space-time model
Circulant Embedding Circulant Embedding methods
Smith (Mixed) Moving Maxima
Square roots Methods relying on square roots of the covariance matrix
RRloc Random scaling used with balls
RRmcmc RRmcmc
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