STATegRa v1.6.2

Classes and methods for multi-omics data integration

Classes and tools for multi-omics data integration.

Functions in STATegRa

Name Description
STATegRa_data STATegRa data
getPreprocessing Retrieve information about preprocessing
getVAF Retrieve information abotut VAF
createOmicsExpressionSet createOmicsExpressionSet
getMethodInfo Retrieve information about component analysis method
holistOmics HolistOmics an application of NPC on omics datasets
bioDistFeaturePlot bioDistFeaturePlot
bioMap bioMap
modelSelection Find optimal common and distinctive components
selectCommonComps Select common components in two data blocks
plotRes Plot component analysis results
PCA.selection Select an optimal number of components using PCA
biplotRes Biplot of component analysis
bioDistW bioDistW
bioDistFeature bioDistFeature
omicsCompAnalysis Components analysis for multiple objects
bioDistWPlot bioDistWPlot
STATegRaUsersGuide STATegRaUsersGuide
caClass-class caClass
plotVAF Plot VAF (Variance Explained For) from Component Analysis
bioDistclass bioDistclass
STATegRa_data_TCGA_BRCA STATegRa data
bioDist bioDist
getLoadings Retrieve component analysis loadings
getInitialData Retrieve initial data from caClass objects
getScores Retrieve component analysis scores
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Type Package
Date 2014-09-09
VignetteBuilder knitr
Encoding UTF-8
biocViews Software, StatisticalMethod, Clustering, DimensionReduction, PrincipalComponent
License GPL-2
LazyLoad yes
Collate 'STATegRa_fused.R' 'STATegRa_holistOmics.R' 'STATegRa_holistOmics_internal.R' 'STATegRa_omicsCLUST_bioMap.R' 'STATegRa_omicsCLUST_bioDist.R' 'STATegRa_omicsCLUST_bioDistW.R' 'STATegRa_omicsPCA_caClass.R' 'STATegRa_omicsPCA_methods.R' 'STATegRa_omicsPCA_plotting.R' 'STATegRa_package.R'

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