STATegRa (version 1.6.2)

STATegRa_data: STATegRa data


mRNA data (Block1), miRNA data (Block2) and the design matrix (ed), from STATegRa_S1, provides selected data downloaded from The mapping between miRNA and mRNA (mapdata, available in STATegRa_S2) contains, as a processed matrix, selected information available from TargetScan; we selected the set of miRNA target predictions for humans for those miRNA-mRNA pairs where both miRNA and mRNA were in Block1 and Block2 respectively.

The PCA version of the data (Block1.PCA, Block2.PCA, ed.PCA; available in STATegRa_S3), provides a similar data-set to Block1, Block2 and ed data; however in this case the data has been processed in order to provide a pedagogic example of OmicsPCA. Results obtained from OmicsPCA (omicsCompAnalysis) with the existing data should not be taken as clinically valid.



Two matrices with mRNA and miRNA expression data, a design matrix that describes both and a mapping between miRNA and genes.


(a) See (b) Gabor Csardi, TargetScan miRNA target predictions for human. R package version 0.6.1


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