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Spatial Entropy Measures

The heterogeneity of spatial data presenting a finite number of categories can be measured via computation of spatial entropy. Functions are available for the computation of the main entropy and spatial entropy measures in the literature. They include the traditional version of Shannon's entropy, Batty's spatial entropy, O'Neill's entropy, Li and Reynolds' contagion index, Karlstrom and Ceccato's entropy, Leibovici's entropy, Parresol and Edwards' entropy and Altieri's entropy. References for all measures can be found under the topic 'SpatEntropy'. The package is able to work with lattice and point data.

Functions in SpatEntropy

Name Description
coords_pix Pixel coordinates generation.
couple_count Build ordered couples in a dataset.
shannonX_sq Shannon's entropy with a squared information function.
shannonZ Shannon's entropy of the transformed variable \(Z\).
parresol Parresol and Edwards' entropy.
plot_areapart Plot area partition.
adj_mat Adjacency matrix.
areapart Area partition.
shannonZ_sq Shannon's entropy of \(Z\) with a squared information function.
spat_entropy Altieri's spatial entropy.
SpatEntropy SpatEntropy: a package for computing spatial entropy measures.
adj_list Adjacency list for spatial entropy.
leibovici O'Neill's and Leibovici's entropy.
pair_count Build pairs (unordered couples) in a dataset.
data_bologna Bologna data.
data_rainforest Rainforest tree data.
shannonX Shannon's entropy.
plot_lattice Plot lattice data.
batty Batty's entropy.
contagion Li and Reynolds' relative contagion index.
euclid_dist Euclidean distance.
karlstrom Karlstrom and Ceccato's entropy.
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