Tumor Purity Estimation using SNVs

TPES_report function produces a graphical report regarding the allelic fraction values of the putative clonal SNVs used by TPES_purity and the density function(s) computed by TPES_purity.

TPES_report(ID, SEGfile, SNVsReadCountsFile, ploidy, RMB = 0.47,
  maxAF = 0.55, minCov = 10, minAltReads = 5, minSNVs = 10)

Sample ID. Must be the same ID as in SEGfile, SNVsReadCountsFile and ploidy.


A standard SEG file (segmented data). It is a data frame object that lists loci and associated numeric values. The header must be compatible with the standard format defined by the Broad Institute. For more information please visit SEG file format.


A standard MAF (Mutation Annotation Format) file. It is a data frame object containing the read counts data of somatic single nucleotide variants (SNVs) loci. The header must contains at least informations about the chromosme that harbors the SNV ("chr" column), the position of the SNV (defined by the "start" and "end" columns), the sample ID ("sample" column) and finally the informations about the reference and alternative base counts ("ref.count" and "alt.count" columns, respectively). For more information please visit MAF file format.


A data frame containing the ploidy status of a sample. It must contain at least the sample ID ("sample" column) and the ploidy status ("ploidy" column).


The Reference Mapping Bias value. The reference genome contains only one allele at any given locus, so reads that carry a non-reference allele are less likely to be mapped during alignment; this causes a shift from 0.5. It can be estimated as: \(1 - medAF\), where medAF is the median value of the allelic fraction of the sample's germline heterozygous SNPs. Default is set to 0.47. For more informations see: PMID: 19808877.


The filter on the allelic fraction (AF) distribution of SNVs. This is necessary to be sure to keep only heterozygous SNVs. Clonal and subclonal SNVs, which have an AF greater than maxAF, will be removed.


The minimum coverage for a SNV to be retained.


The minimum coverage for the alternative base of a SNV to be retained.


The minimum number of SNVs required to make a purity call.


A plot with:


Represents the allelic fraction distribution of putative clonal and subclonal (if presents) SNVs within copy number neutral segments and the peak(s) detected by TPES;

density plot

Represents how the density function varies according to different bandwidth values (for more information see density); only the bandwidth values that result in at most 2 peaks are considered.

  • TPES_report
## Generate TPES report for samples "TCGA-A8-A0A7" and "TCGA-HT-8564"
## Please copy and paste the following lines:
TPES_report(ID = "TCGA-A8-A0A7", SEGfile = TCGA_A8_A0A7_seg,
SNVsReadCountsFile = TCGA_A8_A0A7_maf, ploidy = TCGA_A8_A0A7_ploidy,
RMB = 0.47, maxAF = 0.55, minCov = 10, minAltReads = 5, minSNVs = 10)

TPES_report(ID = "TCGA-HT-8564", SEGfile = TCGA_HT_8564_seg,
SNVsReadCountsFile = TCGA_HT_8564_maf, ploidy = TCGA_HT_8564_ploidy,
RMB = 0.47, maxAF = 0.55, minCov = 10, minAltReads = 5, minSNVs = 10)

# }
Documentation reproduced from package TPES, version 1.0.0, License: MIT + file LICENSE

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