XVector v0.12.0

by H Pages

Representation and manpulation of external sequences

Memory efficient S4 classes for storing sequences "externally" (behind an R external pointer, or on disk).

Functions in XVector

Name Description
intra-range-methods Intra range transformations of an XVectorList object
XVectorList-class XVectorList objects
OnDiskRaw-class OnDiskRaw objects
slice-methods Slice an XInteger or XDouble object
XVector-class XVector objects
XRawList-class XRawList objects
updateObject-methods Update an object of a class defined in the XVector package to its current class definition
XIntegerViews-class The XIntegerViews class
view-summarization-methods Summarize views on an XInteger or XDouble object
reverse-methods Reverse an XVector or XVectorList object
XRawList-comparison Comparing and ordering the list elements of XRawList objects
XDoubleViews-class The XDoubleViews class
XVector internals XVector internals
compact Object compaction
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Encoding UTF-8
biocViews Infrastructure, DataRepresentation
LinkingTo S4Vectors, IRanges
License Artistic-2.0
Collate io-utils.R SharedVector-class.R SharedRaw-class.R SharedInteger-class.R SharedDouble-class.R XVector-class.R XRaw-class.R XInteger-class.R XDouble-class.R XVectorList-class.R XRawList-class.R XRawList-comparison.R XIntegerViews-class.R XDoubleViews-class.R OnDiskRaw-class.R RdaCollection-class.R intra-range-methods.R compact-methods.R reverse-methods.R slice-methods.R view-summarization-methods.R updateObject-methods.R zzz.R

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