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Multivariate Multiscale Spatial Analysis

Tools for the multiscale spatial analysis of multivariate data. Several methods are based on the use of a spatial weighting matrix and its eigenvector decomposition (Moran's Eigenvectors Maps, MEM). Several approaches are described in the review Dray et al (2012) <doi:10.1890/11-1183.1>.

Functions in adespatial

Name Description
ScotchWhiskey Scotch Whiskey Data Set
TBI TBI: Difference between multivariate observations at T1 and T2
envspace.test Perform a test of the shared space-environment fraction of a variation partitioning using torus-translation (TT) or Moran Spectral Randomisation (MSR)
listw.explore Interactive tool to generate R code that creates a spatial weighting matrix
forward.sel Forward selection with multivariate Y using permutation under reducel model Function to optimize the selection of a spatial weighting matrix and select the best subset of eigenvectors (MEM, Moran's Eigenvector Maps)
msr.varipart Moran spectral randomization for variation partitioning
plot.TBI Plots of the outputs of a temporal beta diversity analysis
plot.constr.hclust Plotting Method For Space- And Time-Constrained Clustering
msr.mantelrtest Moran spectral randomization for Mantel test
bacProdxy Bacterial production data set Construct a site-by-edge binary matrix
aem.weight.edges Weight edges when constructing AEM variables
aem.time AEM for time series
dbmem dbMEM spatial eigenfunctions
beta.div Beta diversity computed as Var(Y)
tpaired.randtest Permutational paired t-test
beta.div.comp Decompose D in replacement and richness difference components
dist.ldc Dissimilarity matrices for community composition data
moran.randtest Function to compute Moran's index of spatial autocorrelation
mastigouche Mastigouche Lake network data set
moran.bounds Function to compute extreme values of Moran's I
scores.listw Function to compute and manage Moran's Eigenvector Maps (MEM) of a listw object
tpaired.krandtest Paired t-tests of differences between T1 and T2 for each species
global.rtest Global and local tests
test.W Function to compute and test eigenvectors of spatial weighting matrices
variogmultiv Function to compute multivariate empirical variogram
Cperiodogram Contingency periodogram
msr.4thcorner Moran spectral randomization for fourth-corner analysis
listw.candidates Function to create a list of spatial weighting matrices
ortho.AIC Compute AIC for models with orthonormal explanatory variables
msr Moran spectral randomization
constr.hclust-class Class For Constrained Hiereachical Clustering
mfpa Multi-frequential periodogram analysis
trichoptera Trichoptera data set
LCBD.comp Compute LCBD from any D matrix
chooseCN Function to choose a connection network Selection of the best subset of spatial eigenvectors (MEM, Moran's Eigenvector Maps)
aem Construct asymmetric eigenvector maps (AEM)
WRperiodogram Whittaker-Robinson periodogram
plot.orthobasisSp Function to display Moran's Eigenvector Maps (MEM) and other spatial orthogonal bases
mst.nb Function to compute neighborhood based on the minimum spanning tree
multispati Multivariate spatial analysis
rotation Rotate a set of point by a certain angle
orthobasis.poly Function to compute polynomial of geographical coordinates
constr.hclust Space- And Time-Constrained Clustering
create.dbMEM.model Combine dbMEM matrices corresponding to groups of sites
give.thresh Compute the maximum distance of the minimum spanning tree based on a distance matrix
forward.sel.par Parametric forward selection of explanatory variables in regression and RDA
moranNP.randtest Function to compute positive and negative parts of Moran's index of spatial autocorrelation
stimodels Space-time interaction in ANOVA without replication
mspa Multi-Scale Pattern Analysis
scalogram Function to compute a scalogram
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