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Aggregation Operators and Preordered Sets

Tools supporting multi-criteria and group decision making, including variable number of criteria, by means of aggregation operators, spread measures, fuzzy logic connectives, fusion functions, and preordered sets. Possible applications include, but are not limited to, quality management, scientometrics, software engineering, etc.

Functions in agop

Name Description
d2owa_checkwts D2OWA Operators
index_maxprod Kosmulski's MAXPROD-index
index_rp The r_p-index
rel_is_symmetric Symmetric Binary Relations
rel_is_total Total Binary Relations
agop-package Aggregation Operators and Preordered Sets Package for R
check_comonotonicity Check If Two Vectors Are Comonotonic
owmax WMax, WMin, OWMax, and OWMin Operators
pareto2_estimate_mle Parameter Estimation in the Pareto Type-II Distribution Family (MLE)
fnegation_yager Fuzzy Negations
index_w Woeginger's w-index
tconorm_minimum t-conorms
pareto2_estimate_mmse Parameter Estimation in the Pareto Type-II Distribution Family (MMSE)
owa WAM and OWA Operators
pord_weakdom Weak Dominance Relation (Preorder) in the Producer Assessment Problem
rel_is_antisymmetric Antisymmetric Binary Relations
rel_graph Create an Adjacency Matrix Representing a Binary Relation
exp_test_ad Anderson-Darling Test for Exponentiality
rel_reduction_hasse Hasse Diagrams
fimplication_minimal Fuzzy Implications
pareto2_test_ad Anderson-Darling Test for the Pareto Type-II Distribution
index_h Hirsch's h-index
rel_is_transitive Transitive Binary Relations
index_lp The l_p-index
rel_is_asymmetric Asymetric Binary Relations
rel_is_cyclic Cyclic Binary Relations
rdpareto2 Discretized Pareto Type-II (Lomax) Distribution [TO DO]
rpareto2 Pareto Type-II (Lomax) Distribution
pord_nd Weak Dominance Relation (Preorder)
pord_spread Compare Spread of Vectors (Preorder)
tnorm_minimum t-norms
index_g Egghe's g-index
pareto2_test_f Two-Sample F-test For Equality of Shape Parameters for Type II-Pareto Distributions
plot_producer Draws a Graphical Representation of a Given Vector
rel_is_irreflexive Irreflexive Binary Relations
rel_is_reflexive Reflexive Binary Relations
dpareto2_estimate_mle Parameter Estimation in the Discretized Pareto-Type II Distribution Family (MLE)
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Date 2019-03-05
ByteCompile TRUE
Type Package
License LGPL (>= 3)
RoxygenNote 6.1.1
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2019-03-05 17:41:11 UTC; gagolews
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-03-08 10:42:41 UTC

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