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Interface to the Algorithm Selection Benchmark Library

Provides an interface to the algorithm selection benchmark library at <> and the 'LLAMA' package (<>) for building algorithm selection models.

Functions in aslib

Name Description
getAlgorithmNames Returns algorithm names of scenario.
createCVSplits Create cross-validation splits for a scenario.
getCosealASScenario Retrieves a scenario from the Coseal Github repository and parses into an S3 object.
convertToLlama Convert an ASScenario scenario object to a llama data object.
convertAlgoPerfToWideFormat Converts algo.runs object of a scenario to wide format.
convertToLlamaCVFolds Convert an ASScenario scenario object to a llama data object with cross-validation folds.
fixFeckingPresolve Bakes presolving stuff into a LLAMA data frame.
findDominatedAlgos Creates a table that shows the dominance of one algorithm over another one.
checkDuplicatedInstances Checks the feature data set for duplicated instances.
getProvidedFeatures Return features that are useable for a given set of feature steps.
getFeatureStepNames Returns feature step names of scenario.
getSummedFeatureCosts Returns feature costs of scenario, summed over all instances.
getNumberOfCVFolds Returns number of CV folds.
getInstanceNames Returns instance names of scenario.
getDefaultFeatureStepNames Returns the default feature step names of scenario.
getNumberOfCVReps Returns number of CV repetitions.
getFeatureNames Returns feature names of scenario.
plotAlgoCorMatrix Plots the correlation matrix of the algorithms.
summarizeAlgoPerf Creates summary data.frame for algorithm performance values across all instances.
imputeAlgoPerf Imputes algorithm performance for runs which have NA performance values.
summarizeAlgoRunstatus Creates summary data.frame for algorithm runstatus across all instances.
plotAlgoPerf EDA plots for performance values of algorithms across all instances.
summarizeFeatureSteps Creates a data.frame that summarizes the feature steps.
writeASScenario Writes an algorithm selection scenario to a directory.
runLlamaModels Creates a registry which can be used for running several Llama models on a cluster.
summarizeFeatureValues Creates summary data.frame for feature values across all instances.
getCostsAndPresolvedStatus Return wether an instance was presolved and which step did it.
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License GPL-3
LazyData yes
ByteCompile yes
RoxygenNote 5.0.1
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2016-11-24 19:27:05 UTC; larsko
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-11-25 08:42:53

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