base (version 3.6.2)

standardGeneric: Formal Method System -- Dispatching S4 Methods


The function standardGeneric initiates dispatch of S4 methods: see the references and the documentation of the methods package. Usually, calls to this function are generated automatically and not explicitly by the programmer.


standardGeneric(f, fdef)



The name of the generic.


The generic function definition. Never passed when defining a new generic.


standardGeneric dispatches the method defined for a generic function named f, using the actual arguments in the frame from which it is called.

The argument fdef is inserted (automatically) when dispatching methods for a primitive function. If present, it must always be the function definition for the corresponding generic. Don't insert this argument by hand, as there is no validity checking and miss-specifying the function definition will cause certain failure.

For more, use the methods package, and see the documentation in GenericFunctions.


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