Special Family Functions for brms Models

Family objects provide a convenient way to specify the details of the models used by many model fitting functions. The families present here are currently for use with brms only and will NOT work with other model fitting functions such as glm or glmer. However, the standard family functions as decribed in family will work with brms. For a full list of families and link functions supported by brms, see the documentation (in particular the 'Details' section) of brm.

student(link = "identity")

cauchy(link = "identity")

bernoulli(link = "logit", type = NULL)

negbinomial(link = "log")

geometric(link = "log")

exponential(link = "log")

weibull(link = "log")

Beta(link = "logit")

hurdle_poisson(link = "log")

hurdle_negbinomial(link = "log")

hurdle_gamma(link = "log")

zero_inflated_poisson(link = "log")

zero_inflated_negbinomial(link = "log")

zero_inflated_binomial(link = "logit")

categorical(link = "logit")

cumulative(link = "logit")

sratio(link = "logit")

cratio(link = "logit")

acat(link = "logit")
A specification for the model link function. This can be a name/expression or character string. The following list only refers to brms specific family functions. Families student, and cauchy accept the links (as n
An optional character string allowing to specify advanced models implemented through certain families. Currently, only the bernoulli family uses this argument to define 2PL models (applied in IRT) by setting type = "2PL".
  • Beta
  • acat
  • bernoulli
  • brmsfamily
  • categorical
  • cauchy
  • cratio
  • cumulative
  • exponential
  • geometric
  • hurdle_gamma
  • hurdle_negbinomial
  • hurdle_poisson
  • negbinomial
  • sratio
  • student
  • weibull
  • zero_inflated_binomial
  • zero_inflated_negbinomial
  • zero_inflated_poisson
Documentation reproduced from package brms, version 0.7.0, License: GPL (>= 3)

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