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by John Fox

Companion to Applied Regression

This package contains mostly functions for applied regession, linear models, and generalized linear models, with an emphasis on regression diagnostics, particularly graphical diagnostic methods. There are also some utility functions. With some exceptions, I have tried not to duplicate capabilities in the basic distribution of R, nor in widely used packages. Some of the functions in car will use functions in the MASS package, if it is present; the plot.subsets function graphs objects produced by the regsubsets function in the leaps package. Where relevant, the functions in car are consistent with na.action = na.omit or na.exclude.

Functions in car

Name Description
which.names Position of Row Names
av.plots Added-Variable Plots
box.cox Box-Cox Family of Transformations
plot.subsets Plot Output from regsubsets Function in leaps package
outlier.test Bonferroni Outlier Test
box.cox.var Constructed Variable for Box-Cox Transformation
qq.plot Quantile-Comparison Plots
logit Logit Transformation
car-internal Internal car functions
box.cox.powers Multivariate Unconditional Box-Cox Transformations
ncv.test Score Test for Non-Constant Error Variance
spread.level.plot Spread-Level Plots
scatterplot Scatterplots with Boxplots
n.bins Number of Bins for Histogram
reg.line Plot Regression Line
durbin.watson Durbin-Watson Test for Autocorrelated Errors
cr.plots Component+Residual (Partial Residual) Plots
Deletion Diagnostics Deletion Diagnostics for Linear and Generalized Linear Models
linear.hypothesis Test Linear Hypothesis
box.tidwell Box-Tidwell Transformations
Ask Change Argument to a Function Interactively
hccm Heteroscedasticity-Corrected Covariance Matrices
ceres.plots Ceres Plots
Ellipses Ellipses, Data Ellipses, and Confidence Ellipses
Transformation Axes Axes for Transformed Variables
Anova Anova Tables for Linear and Generalized Linear Models
Var Variance-Covariance Matrices
recode Recode a Variable
vif Variance Inflation Factors
scatterplot.matrix Scatterplot Matrices Panel Function Coplots
leverage.plots Regression Leverage Plots
Florida Florida County Voting
Baumann Methods of Teaching Reading Comprehension
Anscombe U. S. State Public-School Expenditures
Vocab Vocabulary and Education
Freedman Crowding and Crime in U. S. Metropolitan Areas
States Education and Related Statistics for the U.S. States
Robey Fertility and Contraception
Greene Refugee Appeals
Ginzberg Data on Depression
Hartnagel Canadian Crime-Rates Time Series
Ericksen The 1980 U.S. Census Undercount
Angell Moral Integration of American Cities
Moore Status, Authoritarianism, and Conformity
Mandel Contrived Collinear Data
Can.pop Canadian Population Data
Prestige Prestige of Canadian Occupations
Guyer Anonymity and Cooperation
Quartet Four Regression Datasets
Bfox Canadian Women's Labour-Force Participation
Leinhardt Data on Infant-Mortality
Davis Self-Reports of Height and Weight
Chirot The 1907 Romanian Peasant Rebellion
Mroz U.S. Women's Labor-Force Participation
Adler Experimenter Expectations
SLID Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics
Burt Fraudulent Data on IQs of Twins Raised Apart
Friendly Format Effects on Recall
Womenlf Canadian Women's Labour-Force Participation
Duncan Duncan's Occupational Prestige Data
Migration Canadian Interprovincial Migration Data
US.pop Population of the United States
Ornstein Interlocking Directorates Among Major Canadian Firms
UN GDP and Infant Mortality
Chile Voting Intentions in the 1988 Chilean Plebiscite
Sahlins Agricultural Production in Mazulu Village
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Date 2001/8/4
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