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by John Fox

Companion to Applied Regression

This package accompanies J. Fox and S. Weisberg, An R Companion to Applied Regression, Second Edition, Sage, 2011.

Functions in car

Name Description
Chile Voting Intentions in the 1988 Chilean Plebiscite
Guyer Anonymity and Cooperation
avPlots Added-Variable Plots
Davis Self-Reports of Height and Weight
crPlots Component+Residual (Partial Residual) Plots
Ericksen The 1980 U.S. Census Undercount
regLine Plot Regression Line
symbox Boxplots for transformations to symmetry
Adler Experimenter Expectations
ScatterplotSmoothers Smoothers to Draw Lines on Scatterplots
SLID Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics
compareCoefs Print estimated coefficients and their standard errors in a table for several regression models.
Angell Moral Integration of American Cities
Ellipses Ellipses, Data Ellipses, and Confidence Ellipses
Prestige Prestige of Canadian Occupations
Baumann Methods of Teaching Reading Comprehension
Ginzberg Data on Depression
testTransform Likelihood-Ratio Tests for Univariate or Multivariate Power Transformations to Normality
Ornstein Interlocking Directorates Among Major Canadian Firms
Leinhardt Data on Infant-Mortality
TransformationAxes Axes for Transformed Variables
Highway1 Highway Accidents
Quartet Four Regression Datasets
ceresPlots Ceres Plots
recode Recode a Variable
Blackmoor Exercise Histories of Eating-Disordered and Control Subjects
logit Logit Transformation
boxTidwell Box-Tidwell Transformations
showLabels Utility Functions to Identify and Mark Extreme Points in a 2D Plot.
bootCase Case bootstrap for regression models
invResPlot Inverse Response Plots to Transform the Response
scatterplot Scatterplots with Boxplots
linearHypothesis Test Linear Hypothesis
leveneTest Levene's Test Panel Function for Coplots
OBrienKaiser O'Brien and Kaiser's Repeated-Measures Data
WeightLoss Weight Loss Data
Womenlf Canadian Women's Labour-Force Participation
Bfox Canadian Women's Labour-Force Participation
ncvTest Score Test for Non-Constant Error Variance
Vocab Vocabulary and Education
scatter3d Three-Dimensional Scatterplots and Point Identification
Mandel Contrived Collinear Data
Mroz U.S. Women's Labor-Force Participation
qqPlot Quantile-Comparison Plots
spreadLevelPlot Spread-Level Plots
which.names Position of Row Names
subsets Plot Output from regsubsets Function in leaps package
Anscombe U. S. State Public-School Expenditures
Florida Florida County Voting
Greene Refugee Appeals
Soils Soil Compositions of Physical and Chemical Characteristics
boxCoxVariable Constructed Variable for Box-Cox Transformation
Salaries Salaries for Professors
residualPlots Residual Plots and Curvature Tests for Linear Model Fits
plot.powerTransform plot Method for powerTransform Objects
wcrossprod Weighted Matrix Crossproduct
Moore Status, Authoritarianism, and Conformity
Burt Fraudulent Data on IQs of Twins Raised Apart
Robey Fertility and Contraception
Transact Transaction data
estimateTransform Finding Univariate or Multivariate Power Transformations
dfbetaPlots dfbeta and dfbetas Index Plots
infIndexPlot Influence Index Plot
AMSsurvey American Math Society Survey Data
Friendly Format Effects on Recall
leveragePlots Regression Leverage Plots
car-package Companion to Applied Regression
some Sample a Few Elements of an Object
Wool Wool data
bcPower Box-Cox and Yeo-Johnson Power Transformations
powerTransform Finding Univariate or Multivariate Power Transformations
Hartnagel Canadian Crime-Rates Time Series
USPop Population of the United States
Cowles Cowles and Davis's Data on Volunteering
Depredations Minnesota Wolf Depredation Data
vif Variance Inflation Factors
Contrasts Functions to Construct Contrasts
Duncan Duncan's Occupational Prestige Data
boxCox Box-Cox Transformations for Linear Models
outlierTest Bonferroni Outlier Test
invTranPlot Choose a Predictor Transformation Visually or Numerically
Anova Anova Tables for Various Statistical Models
Boot Bootstrapping for regression models
Boxplot Boxplots With Point Identification
Freedman Crowding and Crime in U. S. Metropolitan Areas
deltaMethod Estimate and Standard Error of a Nonlinear Function of Estimated Regression Coefficients
hist.boot Generic functions to provide support for boot objects
Pottery Chemical Composition of Pottery
States Education and Related Statistics for the U.S. States
durbinWatsonTest Durbin-Watson Test for Autocorrelated Errors
UN GDP and Infant Mortality
CanPop Canadian Population Data
scatterplotMatrix Scatterplot Matrices
Chirot The 1907 Romanian Peasant Rebellion
Migration Canadian Interprovincial Migration Data
influencePlot Regression Influence Plot
mmps Marginal Model Plotting
sigmaHat Return the scale estimate for a regression model
car-deprecated Deprecated Functions in car Package
DavisThin Davis's Data on Drive for Thinness
Sahlins Agricultural Production in Mazulu Village
carWeb Access to the R Companion to Applied Regression website
hccm Heteroscedasticity-Corrected Covariance Matrices
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