Validate a "xifti" object

Check if object is valid for a "xifti" object. This alias for is.xifti is offered as a convenience, and a message will warn the user. We recommend using is.xifti instead.

is.cifti(x, messages = TRUE)

is_cifti(x, messages = TRUE)

isCIfTI(x, messages = TRUE)


The putative "xifti" object.


If x is not a "xifti" object, print messages explaining the problem? Default is TRUE.


Requirements: it is a list with the same structure as template_xifti. The size of each data entry must be compatible with its corresponding mask (medial wall for the cortex and volumetric mask for the subcortex). Metadata should be present if and only if the corresponding data is also present. The surfaces can be present whether or not the cortex data are present.

See the "Label Levels" section for the requirements of xifti$meta$subcort$labels.


Logical. Is x a valid "xifti" object?

Label Levels

xifti$meta$subcort$labels is a factor with the following levels:

  1. Cortex-L

  2. Cortex-R

  3. Accumbens-L

  4. Accumbens-R

  5. Amygdala-L

  6. Amygdala-R

  7. Brain Stem

  8. Caudate-L

  9. Caudate-R

  10. Cerebellum-L

  11. Cerebellum-R

  12. Diencephalon-L

  13. Diencephalon-R

  14. Hippocampus-L

  15. Hippocampus-R

  16. Pallidum-L

  17. Pallidum-R

  18. Putamen-L

  19. Putamen-R

  20. Thalamus-L

  21. Thalamus-R

These correspond to the same structures as given by ft_read_cifti in the cifti-matlab MATLAB toolbox.

  • is.cifti
  • is_cifti
  • isCIfTI
Documentation reproduced from package ciftiTools, version, License: GPL-3

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