Embedding the Static Plots

Embedding the Static Plots

Embedding the Static Plots

If save==TRUE, the plot(s) is written to a .png file. (For view_xifti_surface, if length(idx) > 1, each idx will be written to a separate image file.) You can use include_graphics to embed an image file in an R Markdown document. If close_after_save==TRUE, the return value of this function call is the name(s) of the image file(s) that were written, so it can be used directly to display the image.

There's an additional way to embed an image of this plot without writing a .png file: use save==FALSE and set the chunk options rgl=TRUE, format="png". You will probably need to tweak the image dimensions e.g. fig.width=8, fig.height=5 in the chunk options, because it uses the defaults from RMarkdown/Knitr instead of what makes sense based on the dimensions of the Open GL window.

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