surface plot

surface plot


Which view to display: "lateral", "medial", or "both". If NULL (default), both views will be shown. Each view will be plotted in a separate panel row.

width, height

The dimensions of the RGL window, in pixels. If both are NULL (default), the dimensions will be set to 1000 (width) x 700 (height) for 1x1 and 2x2 subplots, 1500 x 525 for 2x1 subplots, and 500 x 700 for 1x2 subplots. These defaults are chosen to fit comfortably within a 1600 x 900 screen. Specyfing only one will set the other to maintain the same aspect ratio. Both can be specified to set the dimensions exactly.


Adjustment to size of brain meshes. Default: 3/5 (100% + 3/5*100% = 160% the original size).


Background color. NULL will not color the background (white).


Optional title(s) for the plot(s). It will be printed at the top in a separate subplot with 1/4 the height of the brain cortex subplots.

Default: NULL will use the time index (".dtseries") or name (.dscalar or .dlabel) of the data column being plotted.

To use a custom title(s), use a length 1 character vector (same title for each plot) or length length(idx) character vector (different title for each plot). Set to an empty string "" to omit the title.

If the title is non-empty but does not appear, cex.title may need to be lowered.


Font size multiplier for the title. NULL (default) will use 2 for titles less than 20 characters long, and smaller sizes for increasingly longer titles.


Color for text in title and colorbar legend. Default: "black".


Save the plot to a .png file named by fname? Default: FALSE.


If save==TRUE, close the interactive Open GL window at the end of this function call? Default: TRUE.


An identifier to use for naming the saved images ("[fname].png") or video frames ("[fname]_1.png", "[fname]_2.png", ...). Default: "xifti" for xifti_view_surface and "surf" for view_surf.


Transparency value for mesh coloring, between 0 and 1. Default: 1.0 (no transparency).


Outline each edge in this color. Default: NULL (do not outline the edges).


Draw each vertex with this size. Default: 0 (do not draw the vertices).


Draw each vertex in this color. Default: "black". Vertices are only drawn if vertex_size > 0


Deprecated: has no effect and will be removed. See save and close_after_save.

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