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Conditional Inference Procedures in a Permutation Test Framework

Conditional inference procedures for the general independence problem including two-sample, K-sample (non-parametric ANOVA), correlation, censored, ordered and multivariate problems.

Functions in coin

Name Description
IndependenceTest-class Class "IndependenceTest" and its subclasses
IndependenceProblem-class Class "IndependenceProblem"
GTSG Gastrointestinal Tumor Study Group
ContingencyTests Tests of Independence in Two- or Three-Way Contingency Tables
IndependenceLinearStatistic-class Class "IndependenceLinearStatistic"
CorrelationTests Correlation Tests
IndependenceTestProblem-class Class "IndependenceTestProblem"
CWD Coarse Woody Debris
IndependenceTest General Independence Test
IndependenceTestStatistic-class Class "IndependenceTestStatistic" and its subclasses
PValue-class Class "PValue"
NullDistribution Specification of the Reference Distribution
NullDistribution-methods Computation of the Reference Distribution
MaximallySelectedStatisticsTests Generalized Maximally Selected Statistics
NullDistribution-class Class "NullDistribution" and its subclasses
MarginalHomogeneityTests Marginal Homogeneity Tests
LocationTests Two- and \(K\)-Sample Location Tests
ScaleTests Two- and \(K\)-Sample Scale Tests
SurvivalTests Two- and \(K\)-Sample Tests for Censored Data
Transformations Functions for Data Transformation
SymmetryTests Symmetry Tests
ocarcinoma Ovarian Carcinoma
VarCovar-class Class "VarCovar" and its subclasses
alpha Genetic Components of Alcoholism
photocar Multiple Dosing Photococarcinogenicity Experiment
expectation-methods Extraction of the Expectation, Variance and Covariance of the Linear Statistic
coin-package General Information on the coin Package
SymmetryTest General Symmetry Test
PermutationDistribution-methods Computation of the Permutation Distribution
SymmetryProblem-class Class "SymmetryProblem"
alzheimer Smoking and Alzheimer's Disease
jobsatisfaction Income and Job Satisfaction
asat Toxicological Study on Female Wistar Rats
pvalue-methods Computation of the \(p\)-Value, Mid-\(p\)-Value, \(p\)-Value Interval and Test Size
rotarod Rotating Rats
malformations Maternal Drinking and Congenital Sex Organ Malformation
vision Unaided Distance Vision
mercuryfish Chromosomal Effects of Mercury-Contaminated Fish Consumption
neuropathy Acute Painful Diabetic Neuropathy
hohnloser Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction
treepipit Tree Pipits in Franconian Oak Forests
statistic-methods Extraction of the Test Statistic and Linear Statistic
glioma Malignant Glioma Pilot Study
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Date 2019-08-22
LinkingTo libcoin (>= 1.0-0)
LazyData yes
NeedsCompilation yes
ByteCompile yes
License GPL-2
Packaged 2019-08-27 09:16:05 UTC; hothorn
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-08-28 11:50:06 UTC

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