cranvas v0.8.5

by Yihui Xie

Interactive statistical graphics based on Qt

This is an R package as the next generation of GGobi, a software package for interactive and dynamic statistical graphics. It includes most of features in GGobi such as brushing, zooming, panning, identifying and linking, as well as common types of statistical graphics, e.g. bar plot, scatter plot, boxplot, histogram, density plot, spine plot, parallel coordinates plot, mosaic plot, maps, missing value plot, time series plot, tour, scatter plot matrix, hexagons and tiles (color images), etc. Based on the support of several other packages, cranvas aims for speed (from Qt) and flexibility (from R), with the style and design borrowed from ggplot2.

Functions in cranvas

Name Description
cranvas_off Close all Qt applications in the current R session
break_str Insert line breaks into character strings
brfss Subset of data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
common_key_press Some common processings in the keyboard and mouse events
axis_loc Calculate pretty locations of axis tick marks
check_data Check if a data object was created by qdata()
Common.meta Common meta data structure in cranvas
brush Set or query the brush attributes
ameshousing Ames housing statistics
cart_polygon Calculate coordinates of transformed polygons to make cartograms
identify_rect Create a rectangle to be used in identifying
draw_brush Draw the brush rectangle
draw_identify Draw the identify labels under the mouse
lighter Generate lighter colors
extend_ranges Extend the range of data by an amount
cranvas-package Interactive statistical graphics based on Qt
fix_dimension Set the dimensions of child layers to fixed values
crimes US Crimes data from 2009
link_cat Categorical linking
link_id Get the id's of listeners on linking
nasa Spatiotemporal measurements of climate variables
link_var Set or query the linking variable in a mutaframe
match_key Match keys from a keyboard event
map_qdata Create data for drawing maps
nrcstat NRC rankings data for the statistics departments in the US
mode_selection Logical operations under different selection mode
na_impute Simple data imputation
manual_brush Manually brush the plot via command line
link_knn k-Nearest neighbor linking
link_type Set or query the type of linking
qbar Draw a bar plot
qdensity Draw a univariate density plot
qbxp Create a boxplot layer
qboxplot Draw boxplots for several variables in the data or a continuous variable vs a categorical variable
prefer_height Preferred height and width of layers with texts
qaxis Create an axis layer
qgrid Create a background grid layer
one_pixel Get the relative width and height of one pixel on the screen
qdata Create a mutaframe from data with attributes for interaction
pigs Temporal measurements on UK Pig production
qparallel Draw a parallel coordinates plot
qmval Draw a missing value plot
qpar Graphical parameters in cranvas
qlegend Create a legend layer
qmtext Create a margin text layer
qhist Draw a histogram or a spine plot
qhist2d 2D histograms
qmap Draw a map
qsave Save the plot to a file
register_handlers Register new handlers on a plot object
qtour Create a tour associated with a mutaframe
selected Set or query the selected (brushed) observations
remove_link Remove the linking in mutaframes
qscatter Draw a scatter plot
save_brush_history Create the brush history
qtime Draw a time plot
set_cursor Set the cursor of a view
record_selector Select a subset of data through a GUI to be brushed
reorder_var Re-order the columns of a data frame based on MDS or ANOVA
visible Set or query the visibility of observations
wages.demog Demographic data for wages of male high-school dropouts
switch_value Switch the values of two variables
color_pal<- Set palettes and variables to map data to aesthetics
sync_limits Sync layer limits
wages Wages of male high-school dropouts
world Coordinates of the world map
tennis Dataset of 2006 Australian Open mens tennis matches
var_names Get variable names
update_brush_size Update the brush size in the mouse move event
qmosaic Mosaic plot. Create a mosaicplot using a formula (as described in prodplot)
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