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The service <> provides a cloud-based data store and analytic engine, as well as an intuitive web interface. Using this package, analysts can interact with and manipulate Crunch datasets from within R. Importantly, this allows technical researchers to collaborate naturally with team members, managers, and clients who prefer a point-and-click interface.

Functions in crunch

Name Description
CrunchVariable-class Variables in Crunch
DatasetOrder-class Organize Datasets
Categories-class Categories in CategoricalVariables
CrunchDataset-class Crunch Datasets
Insertions-class Insert categories in transformations
ContextManager Context managers
VariableOrder-class Organize Variables within a Dataset
AbstractCategories-class Abstract categories
SO_survey R users who responded to the 2017 Stack Overflow developer survey
appendDataset Append one Crunch dataset to another
SO_schema Schema for the 2017 Stack Overflow developer survey
Subtotal-class Subtotals and headings
CrunchDataFrame CrunchDataFrame
VariableCatalog-class Collection of Variables within a Dataset
appendStream Manually trigger a pending append to a dataset
c-categories S3 method to concatenate Categories and Category objects
buildDelimRegex Build Regex to find delimited items.
Subvariables-class Subvariables in Array Variables
addVariables Add multiple variables to a dataset
SummaryStat-class Summary insertions
availableGeodataFeatures Get the property features for available geographies
batches See the appended batches of this dataset
filter Get and set slide analyses
ShojiObject-class Mix-in class for multiple inheritance of variables and datasets.
ShojiOrder-slots Manipulate VariableGroup and VariableOrder
addGeoMetadata Add geodata metadata to a crunch variable
as.environment,CrunchDataset-method as.environment method for CrunchDataset
subtotalArray Calculate the transforms from a CrunchCube
VariableDefinition Construct a variable definition
cd Change to different folder
categoriesFromLevels Convert a factor's levels into Crunch categories.
copyOrderGroup Copy the order of a VariableGroup (or individual variable URL) from VariableOrder
applyAgainst apply a function against a dimension
Transforms-class Transformations of variable and cube views
archive-and-publish Get and set "archived" and "published" status of a dataset
cube-residuals Calculate standardized residuals from a CrunchCube
copyVariable Copy a variable
cubeMeasureType Get measure type of cube result
addSubvariable Add subvariable to an array
dimension-comparison-pairwise Pairwise column and row comparison
dimension-comparison Column and row comparison
addSummaryStat Add summary statistics to a CrunchCube
calcInsertions Given a vector of values and elements, calculate the insertions
copyFolders Copy the folder structure from one dataset to another.
check_margins Check validity of margins
as-vector Convert Variables to local R objects
automation-undo Undo behavior of a Crunch Automation Script
cleanseBatches Remove batches from a dataset
showMissing Modify cube missing behavior
cube-computing Work with CrunchCubes, MultitableResults, and TabBookResults
conditionalTransform Conditional transformation
consent Give consent to do things that require permission
dimensions Methods on Cube objects
crunch_user_agent Generate or extend the User-Agent string
copyOrder Copy the variable order from one dataset to another.
deleteDataset Delete a dataset from the dataset list
deleteSubvariables Delete subvariables from an array
calcTransforms Calculate transforms for an array
ensureValidCase Validate case statements for case variables
dropRows Permanently delete rows from a dataset
filters Get or set a dataset's filters
flipArrays Rearrange array subvariables
flattenOrder Remove nesting of groups within an order/group
hiddenFolder Hide/Unhide or Privatize/Deprivatize Variables
displaySettings Get or set a slide's display settings
catalog-dataframes method for catalog objects
envOrOption Grab either env variable or option
fillExpr Expression to fill a variable from another
collapseCategories Combine Categories in place
changeCategoryID Change the id of a category for a categorical variable
checkInstalledPackages Check if a user has packages installed
catalogToDataFrame A utility to return a data.frame from a ShojiCatalog.
compareDatasets Compare two datasets to see how they will append
combine Combine categories or responses
crunchAPI Main Crunch API handling function
grabRowInd grab row indicators for subsetting crdfs
crunchBox Make a CrunchBox
datasetReference Get a Crunch object's dataset URL
dataset-to-R method for CrunchDataset
createDataset Create an empty dataset
createWithPreparedData Upload a prepared data.frame with metadata to Crunch
createWithMetadataAndFile Make a dataset with metadata and a CSV
crtabs Crunch xtabs: Crosstab and otherwise aggregate variables in a Crunch Dataset
aliases Get and set names, aliases on Catalog-type objects
http-methods HTTP methods for communicating with the Crunch API
deriveArray Make a Categorical Array or Multiple Response variable
joinDatasets Add columns from one dataset to another, joining on a key
grouped Get grouped or ungrouped OrderGroups
crunch-extract Extract and modify Crunch objects
cut,DatetimeVariable-method Cut a Datetime Crunch variable
collapse_dims Collapse an array from a CrunchCube by summing
owner Get and set the owner of a dataset
is.VariableDefinition Test whether a Crunch object belongs to a class
dashboard View or set a dashboard URL
describe-entity Name, alias, and description for Crunch objects
crunch-summary Summary methods for Crunch Variables
datasets Get a catalog of datasets
length Length of Crunch objects
cut,NumericVariable-method Cut a numeric Crunch variable
dichotomize Indicate how categories represent a dichotomized value
getTeams Retrieve your teams
folder Find and move entities to a new folder
titles Manipulate deck titles
forkDataset Create a fork of a dataset
crunch instant, visual, collaborative data analysis
createSubvarDeriv Create subvariable derivation expressions
crunch-uni Univariate statistics on Crunch objects
is-na-categories for Categories
exclusion View and set exclusion filters
escapeRegex Escape a regular expression
duplicated "duplicated" method for Crunch objects
deleteVariables Delete Variables Within a Dataset
derivation Get or set a derived variable's expression
exportDataset Export a dataset to a file
exportDeck Export a Crunch Deck
embedCrunchBox Get HTML for embedding a CrunchBox
fortify Fortify crunch objects for use with ggplot
getAccountUserCatalog Find all users on your account
generateNumCutLabels Generate Labels for the cut function
index.table Calculate an index table for a CrunchCube
interactVariables Create a variable by interacting categorical variables
is-public View and modify the "public" attribute of artifacts
makeInteractions Make case statements that define the interaction of two or more other variables
lock Lock and unlock a dataset for editing
makeArrayGadget Array builder
makeCaseVariable Make a case variable
loadDataset Load a Crunch Dataset
merge Merge a CrunchDataFrame
mergeFork Merge changes to a dataset from a fork
getDimTypes Get dimension type
grabColNames grab column names for subsetting crdfs
decks Get a dataset's DeckCatalog
makeWeight Generate a weight variable
makeMarginMap Make a map of margins
delete Delete a Crunch object from the server
ncol Dataset dimensions
newDeck Create an empty Crunch Deck
margin-translation Convert from user margins to real cube margins or vice versa
newDatasetByColumn Upload a data.frame column-by-column to make a new dataset
newExampleDataset Import a fixture dataset for testing
pendingStream Get the pending streams for a dataset
multitables Multitable entities for a dataset
refresh Get a fresh copy from the server
pk Get and set the primary key for a Crunch dataset
matchCatToFeat Match categories with features from geodata
makeMRFromText Create Multiple Response Variable from Delimited lists
listDatasetGadget Open dataset selector
removeEmptyGroups Remove OrderGroups with no entities
dimSums Collapse an array from a CrunchCube by summing across dimensions to remove
newDatasetFromFile Upload a file to Crunch to make a new dataset
mv Functions to manipulate variables' or project's folder structure
expressions Construct Crunch Expressions from Crunch Database Functions
expressions-internal Crunch expressions internal
noTransforms Remove transformations from a CrunchCube
generateWeightEntry Generate entry for makeWeight
resetPassword Reset your password
replaceMissingWithTRUE Replace missing elements with TRUE
scripts Crunch Automation scripts entities for a dataset
notifyIfNewVersion See if there's a new version of the package on GitHub
listDatasets Get the names of datasets in a project
preCrunchBoxCheck Check if a dataset will make a good CrunchBox
searchDatasets Search Crunch for datasets.
na.omit Omit missing categories
prepareDataForCrunch Translate a data.frame to Crunch format
rmdir Delete a folder
CrunchGeography-class Geography properties for crunch variables
resolution Methods for Datetime variable resolutions
setNames Change the name of the entities in a catalog
tojson-crunch toJSON methods for Crunch objects
setOrder Change the order of entities in folder
translateCubeIndex Translate user facing cube subset to programmatic cube subset
newDataset Upload data to Crunch to make a new dataset
owners See who owns these datasets
tokenAuth Add an auth token manually
translateHidden Translate provided index to an index which accounts for hidden categories.
ordering Get and set VariableOrder
restoreVersion Restore a dataset to a previously saved version
self Get the URL of this object
var-categories Get and set Categories on Variables
setEntitySlotWrapBody Setter for Crunch objects that wraps in a "body"
as.Text as.* methods for variables
handleAPIresponse Do the right thing with the HTTP response
is.editor Read and set edit privileges
hasFunction Check if a package has a function installed
makeCaseWhenVariable Create a categorical or numeric variable based on conditions
setName Change the name of the current folder
is.TRUEorFALSE Check that a value is TRUE or FALSE
makeInsertion Convert a child class of Insertion into a proper Insertion
rowCount Create variables based on row-wise functions for crunch Multiple Response Variables
settings View and modify dataset-level settings
set_crunch_config Set or modify general Crunch API request configuration
email Extract the email from a User Entity
streamRows Stream data to a Crunch dataset
slides Access the slides of a CrunchDeck
is.weight<- Dataset weights
share Share a dataset
weightVariables Get a dataset's weightVariables
write.csv.gz Write CSV to a compressed file
urls,ShojiCatalog-method Get the URLs contained in a Catalog or Order object
writePreparedData Persist to disk a prepared data.frame and metadata
me My user entity
index Get the body of a Catalog
team Share Crunch assets with a team
table Table function for Crunch objects
unshare Revoke a user's access to a dataset
unbind Split an array or multiple-response variable into its CategoricalVariables
login Authenticate with the Crunch API
webApp View a Crunch Object in the Web Application
versions Access the saved versions of a dataset
logout Kill the active Crunch session
show Show methods for Crunch objects
setCrunchAPI Change which server to point to
showTransforms Show transformations on a Crunch object
tabBook Compute a Tab Book
serialPaste Make a prose list
setEntitySlot Base setter for Crunch objects
members Manage access to datasets and other objects
weightVariables<- Change which variables can be set as a dataset's weight.
moveLastElement Move and delete last element of a vector This moves the last element of a vector to an index, then deletes the last element, it is broken out for testing purposes
users Get information about users who have access to a dataset
tabbook-dim TabBookResult and MultitableResult dimension
validateNamesInDims error iff the names are not a dimension in the cube provided
newFilter Create a new filter
newMultitable Create a new Multitable
variableMetadata Get all variable metadata for a dataset
variables Access a catalog of variables
newProject Create a new project
newSlide Append a new slide to a Crunch Deck
projects Get the project catalog
reassignUser Reassign all Crunch objects from a user
rowDistinct Create variables useful for determining whether a row's values are suspicious
session-extract Extract catalogs from a Session object
slideCategories Create sliding subvariable definitions
runCrunchAutomation Run a crunch automation script
skipMissingCategories Handle missing categories in CrunchCube
session Get various catalogs for your Crunch session
pollProgress Check a Crunch progress URL until it finishes
popSize Get and set the market size for Crunch datasets
reorderSlides Reorder slides in a CrunchDeck
replaceCharWithNumeric Transform character vectors into indices
saveVersion Create a new saved version
scoreCatToFeat Score similarity between a feature dataframe and categories
temp.options Set some global options temporarily
shojiURL Get a resource URL from a Shoji Object
shojifyDatasetMetadata Wrap variable metadata inside a dataset entity
toVariable Generic method for converting objects to Crunch representations
streaming Set the streaming property of a dataset
entity Methods for ShojiTuples
subtypeInsertion Convert from Insertion to Insertion subtypes
which "which" method for CrunchLogicalExpr
type Change Crunch variable types
with-context-manager Context manager's "with" method
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NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2021-02-01 23:41:44 UTC; gregfreedmanellis
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2021-02-02 10:50:11 UTC

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