datacamp v3.3.0

Easily create interactive courses for with R Markdown

This package makes it easy and fun to create interactive courses for All interactive exercises and course chapters are created and structured in R Markdown documents.


This R package is no longer working. You can no longer upload content to DataCamp from inside R because of security concerns. There is a much better way to author DataCamp courses for quite some time now. Check out If you have any questions, reach out to, and we'd be happy to help!

Functions in datacamp

Name Description
add_all_links Automatic add function links to RDocumentation to course (beta)
author_chapter Generate chapter file
author_course Generate course and chapter template
add_exercise Add exercise to chapter file
show_capstone_graph Build graph structure of Capstone chapter
deparse_chapter Based on the structured list representing a chapter file, create the chapter file again.
datacamp_login Log in to via R
build_scaffold Build a scaffold for a YAML outlining the entire course
parse_chapter Parse chapter file into R list
datacamp_logged_in Is the user logged in?
upload_course Create or update a course
undo_all_links Undo all link creation using the backup files you created (beta)
upload_chapter Create or update a chapter
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Type Package
Date 2013-09-07
License MIT + file LICENSE
RoxygenNote 5.0.1

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